Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Boris Johnson team reveal Tim Parker's private info

Boris Johnson's team have published Tim Parker's home address and mobile phone number on the London Assembly website.

The details are included within his curriculum vitae, which has been published in advance of his confirmation hearing for the post of Chairman of Transport for London.

Tim Parker's appointment was a highly controversial one as the ex-private equity chief and notorious asset stripper is still held in great contempt by some of those who have dealt with him. 

His record for slashing hundreds of jobs and pocketing millions for himself in the process, earned him the title of 'the Prince of Darkness' amongst unions, and that cold relationship shows little sign of thawing now. 

The release of his private details on the Mayor's public website is therefore an incredibly stupid thing for the Mayor's team to do. Let's hope for Mr. Parker's sake that they take it down soon.

UPDATE: Tim Parker's private details have now been quietly Tipp-exed from the GLA website. Some helpful soul must have pointed out that Tim might not be too pleased about having his private info broadcast across the globe. I wonder if anyone has told him about it yet. Maybe I should give him a call...


naysayer said...

Good job he didn't leave the details on a train, otherwise the press would have been all over him.

DaveHill said...

What's the bin collection service like in Chelsea?

The Tory Troll said...

A Daily Mirror journalist is probably heading down there to check on it right now!

Aha. I've just noticed the details have now been anonymised. Good to know they're paying attention.

Anonymous said...

That £1 salary probably isn't looking quite so good now. Bet he wishes he was back doing what he likes best, like making money out of sacking disabled people or whatever it is he got paid millions for.

Toneytony said...

Bob Crow could do with that number:

"So Tim, no strike deal you say.."

stuart_graham said...

Whatever we can say about people such as Parker, they do have a right to privacy, just as that horrid Harriet Harman has not to have protesters on her roof frightening family members.
More important, what is Parker's exact role and how much is Boris paying him? What's the running total of Boris's new appointees' salaries? Does Boris know yet?

The Tory Troll said...

Tim Parker is/will be chair of TfL, Chief executive of GLA, and First Deputy Mayor. So basically he's running the lot. Take a look at his job description. It covers most of what the Mayor is expected to do himself and this doesn't even take into account him chairing TfL.

And what's he getting paid for all this? £1.

I wonder what other motivation he could have for getting himself all this power.