Monday, 30 June 2008

Boris Johnson's deputy slammed for £7000 junket

The man charged with extracting 'maximum value' from City Hall's relationship with local boroughs was slammed this week after charging taxpayers £7000 to pay for his leadership course in America.

Boris Johnson's Deputy Mayor Government Relations Ian Clement was allowed to attend the course free of charge, but decided to put all the costs of his flights and hotel expenses onto the public purse.

Clement recently stood down as the head of Bexley Council in order to work for the Mayor. Labour candidate Ursula Ayliffe, who is standing in Clement's now vacant ward told the Bexley Times:

"Ian Clement argued that his cuts to Meals on Wheels, community safety budgets and the enormous increases in car parking charges were made to deliver value for money to residents. However at the same time, he spent thousands of pounds on trips to America.

"Now as a result of his decision to leave Bexley to take a post with Boris Johnson at £124,000 per annum, Bexley residents will also have to pay for the cost of this by-election."

Ian Clement's reputation at Bexley was largely built on his ability to prevent big council tax rises.

However, in order to achieve this, fees and charges were raised across the board and some of the most vulnerable people in the borough had their services severely cut.

So while for Clement's employment prospects, the £7000 junket to America may have proved good value, for the people of Bexley this will have been one added expense they could have easily have done without.

Thanks to Mr S.B and Doug for the extra research.


Bobbin said...

It's a good job he wasn't traveling to the Carribbean, otherwise he would really be in trouble.

The Tory Troll said...

But Bobbin, those were nasty socialists. Never forget that Mr Clement is an upstanding Tory and only had the thoughts of the poor people of Bexley in his mind.

barry rochford said...

Why is he going abroad for training?
Are Bexley that useless at training leaders?
Is this an admission that Boris is incapable of mentoring his deputy?
Actually £7,000 isn't that much - it would be cheaper for London if Boris went there for a whole year.

The Tory Troll said...

The course was last year when he was leader of Bexley Council and I've no idea why he had to go to America for it. The course is run by BT and apparently:

"The goal is to explore current business thinking and how it can best be applied to Government. The process is enhanced by the quality of the participants, and the stimulating, interactive environment they create. It is designed to be ‘of the participants, by the participants’ and is most definitely not a sales event."

Phew. That's a relief then.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is what they call the donut-scoffing effect