Thursday, 5 June 2008

Boris Team Spin vs Assembly Team Scrutiny

"Boris Johnson acted on his promise to deliver open government for London when he published full details of his advisers and their salaries. A complete list of “team Boris” - including brief biographies and interests was released on the Mayor’s website in the interests of transparency. The move aimed to draw a line under the secrecy of the Ken Livingstone era, when information about the Mayor’s inner circle was kept away from the press and public. By contrast and in a possible hostage to fortune, Mr Johnson is determined to show in his first weeks in office that he will hide nothing." 

"The Business Management and Administration Committee (BMAC) has demanded answers to a series of questions about the role, responsibilities and rewards of mayoral staff, including:
  • The cost and length of appointment of each of the 15 ‘transition team consultants’ contracted to support the Mayor.
  • The legality of the procedures used to appoint permanent mayoral advisers
  • The decision making responsibilities of the mayor’s permanently appointed advisers
  • The role of mayoral advisers in directly managing non-political staff
  • How mayoral advisers will operate within the structure of the Greater London Authority
  • The precise nature and responsibilities, including any staff management role, of the GLA Group Chief Executive

Chair of the Business Management and Administration Committee AC Darren Johnson AM said:
“The Mayor’s manifesto promised to ‘end the culture of cronyism at City Hall’ by introducing more professional, transparent government. But one month into his administration, both clarity and transparency are sadly lacking when it comes to information about the appointment of people the Mayor is entrusting with significant responsibility for running London. We are determined to lift the fog of confusion surrounding the appointment of the Mayor’s closest advisers.”
Are you feeling all spun out? Have Team Boris spun you just one dud too many? If so, The Tory Troll would really like to hear from you.


naysayer said...

The only thing that runs through all political administrations is hot air and hypochrisy. This one will be no different. The really surprising thing is that anyone still buys any of their fluff.

Anonymous said...

We've been bounced not spun

stuart_graham said...

Who is surprised? Who cares who the people advising Johnson are as long as they can do the job. The trouble is that few seem up to it or appropriate and Boris wouldn't have a clue, either.
It's also who he hasn't appointed. Like women to very senior positions. Oh, and he's taking his time with the environment - is he checking whether the Chief Executive of Porsche is available?

The Tory Troll said...

Well he's got Simon 'Homes for Votes' Milton in charge of planning, so anything's possible.

He did say he wanted some 'concrete' proposals on the environment. Maybe he was talking roads.

stuart_graham said...

That's interesting TT
Any insights on Westminster's planning achievements as a prelude to what we can expect in the other 31 boroughs?

The Tory Troll said...

Westminster was known as the rottenest borough for many years after it was exposed for a number of corrupt practices, including selling off flats where Labour voters were living, moving homeless people into asbestos ridden accommodation and selling off graveyards for £1. Milton was a councillor there during that period and was head of the council when they failed to get the millions back from Shirley Porter that she owed the borough.

His partner is now the planning supremo at Westminster and was heard to joke that there would be a lot of 'pillow talk' about big planning decisions. Milton is also head of the Local Government Association, which is the chief lobbying group for local authorities. To say that there are some conflicts of interest here is like saying that Boris can be a little unreliable sometimes. The 'end to cronyism' looks a long way off to put it mildly.