Saturday, 14 June 2008

Brian Coleman protests over Hip-Hop dance group

A top Tory Assembly Member has protested against the inclusion of an acrobatic hip-hop dance group in the Olympic handover ceremony.

Ex Mayoral hopeful, now chair of the LFEPA Brian Coleman described the award-winning dance troupe Zoonation as being 'not the image we want to send around the world' and claimed that 'there are much more positive images of London' that could be displayed in Beijing.

Coleman, who was labeled a 'hero' by Richard Littlejohn and described to me recently as being 'to the right of Genghis Khan' by one ex-assembly member, has had a history of being outspoken to the point of being offensive.


In 2007 he hit controversy by claiming that Ted heath was a 'cottager', and in 2004 offended the entire population  of Middlesex University by saying that it was a 'crap university' with too many foreigners.

He also got into trouble when as Deputy Chair of the assembly, it was revealed that, contrary to the Tories' self-proclaimed 'value for money' image, he had racked up tax-payer funded cab fares of £10,000.

It is still not clear quite what Coleman's objections to Zoonation really are. However, despite his protests, the troupe will still be performing at the handover ceremonies in Beijing this year. 

You can watch one of their supposedly 'negative' routines on that notoriously dissident television show Blue Peter, here. Trust me readers, it's shocking stuff.


angelneptunestar said...

This man is my ideal, is he single? (JOKE)

Chris said...

He is Boris Johnson without the charm (or the willingness to use public transport)

Simon said...

It is still not clear quite what Coleman's objections to Zoonation really are.

I think I might hazard a guess.

Anonymous said...

Mr Toad has GOT to go!