Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Liberal Democrats join the Cupboard Coalition.

I had been wondering why the Lib Dems had gone back into coalition with Labour and the Greens on the London Assembly after spending so long apart. Why had it taken so long? Was it a disagreement over green taxes? A rift over the future of the progressive cause in London? No. It was over a load of old cupboards.

A senior source from the Green Party revealed to me that the true cause of the extended fracture between the Lib Dems and the other left-wing parties in London, was their inequitable share of City Hall storerooms:

"I couldn't believe how petty the Lib Dems were about it," he said. "In the end it came down to the fact that the LDs were jealous that the greens had a small storeroom more than they had. The whole deal hinged on that!"

In fact after weeks of left-wing division, the Lib Dems even went over to the Tories to see if increased storage could be secured from the Right. But in the end, the cause of left-wing politics was restored and the Lib Dems got the space they required.

"It was absolutely unbelievable," said my source. "But in the end we just gave them what they asked for." 

And so after a dangerous breach in the progressive cause, unity is once again restored and the future of left-wing London politics is safe, for now at least.


BenSix said...

If that can incite a rift then presumably a disagreement over green taxes could spark a civil war.

OT, but somebody's been telling tales:

Green Gordon said...

The LibDems left wing?

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time.