Sunday, 8 June 2008

More confusion over Boris Johnson advisor salaries

Boris Johnson today denied having spent half a million pounds on his advisors. In a response to a question by Andrew Marr about the large salaries of his 'transition team,' the Mayor said: 

"I don't think we have spent half a million pounds so far. I think that may be the total of their annual salaries or something like that. I'm not sure we have spent half a million pounds so far. I would have to go and check that. Doubtless your researchers have..."

This less than categorical response came after Boris Johnson appeared to suggest at his first press conference, that full salaries and job descriptions of his advisors had already been made available to the public. In response to a question by the Guardian's Matthew Taylor, Boris said:

"On the cost of the transition team, all the details will be fully available to you now and you would be trying my memory to recite them all now, but they are cheap at the price and will be readily discerned for you whenever you want them."

Whether half a million pounds is 'cheap at the price' is open to question but a quick look at the Mayor's website shows that the salaries and job descriptions of Boris's 'transition team' of advisors are definitely not 'available to you now' nor 'readily discerned' on the website (see picture above).


Because despite his claims that all details of City Hall spending would be ready 'from day one' we are still none the wiser on these key details over a month after he was elected into the position. 

And whether or not these are 'teething problems' is yet to be seen, but getting a straight answer to these questions so far has, as the Marr interview showed, been a bit like pulling teeth.


Stevep said...

..and so the wait continues. In your own time Boris.

Julia W said...

Everything he is doing seems to be looking backwards. Rolling back the congestion charge, rolling back the bendy buses, rolling back traffic light phasing, rolling back discounted fares. Eve his announcements like the Lates performances and oyster card on mainline trains are just announcing work already done before he came in. When are we going to see something genuinely new?

stuart_graham said...

This guy's not going to get past first base when it comes to legal contracts and his employees. If someone is appointed, they will ahve to be paid out of budget allocation. I can't see that these advisors are on a daily contract, so any one who has had any dealings with employment law, local authority budgets would know this.
How is he going to deal with the employment tribunals, negotiated settlements taht inevitably will arise in an organisation this size. 'Cripes' isn't going to be much use. Still, his dad knew best - Boris has training in the classics, (Greek and Latin), so running London is no problem. (Anyone know the Latin 'crikey, I've blundered again - or less polite terms ? )

Anonymous said...

Cripus maximus?

stuart_graham said...

Or even 'crapus maximus'?