Thursday, 12 June 2008

Richard Barnbrook: Loves Racism, Hates Music

From Richard Barnbrook's written questions for Boris Johnson:

Can the Mayor give his assurance that no public money is being utilised to support the “Love Music Hate Racism” march in London on June 21st and also give us an assurance that the organisers of the march will be required to pay for the full policing costs and clean up costs of this event so that the bill is not borne by London tax payers? 

No he can't. Now get on your horse, pick up your Kaliber, and go back where you came from.


Anonymous said...

Great. I can't wait for Denby police to send the BNP the bill for Red White and Blue.

Anonymous said...

it didnt get a licence

thats probably why he's sulking

a very public sociologist said...

Why would Barnbrook want to drink when he can spend his RWB time taking photos of his old man and sending it to his Finnish mistress?

Anonymous said...

wasn't the drinks licence, but the public entertainment licence
BNP to hold illegal rave

which means the event will be illegal if it takes place

antifa have the low down on what happened

angelneptunestar said...

If anyone should be cursed, it is this guy, but the only consolation is he will be in purgatory for about a billion years suffering the tortures of the damned, before he rots in hell.

A True Nationalist said...

Well done Richard, Must share a pint or two with you at the RWB.
The BNP do not leave a mess behind us, We push it in front of us, So move aside if you don't want sweeping up.

The Tory Troll said...

Ewww. Can't you just flush it down a toilet like everyone else?

A True Nationalist said...

It would need a very big toilet to get the entire Labour party down.
Are you sure it would be legal?

The Tory Troll said...

It's true. It would be tricky.