Sunday, 1 June 2008

Richard Barnbrook: We are 'knuckle dragging junk'

Richard Barnbrook admitted that some members of his party are 'knuckle dragging junk,' on a day in which Huddersfield police began an investigation into a savage assault on an anti-BNP campaigner.

In an very revealing and wide-ranging interview with the Independent on Sunday, the British National Party's most powerful elected politician said that:

"Every party has nutters. Some of ours are knuckle-dragging junk from the past."
But although every party does of course have its fair share of nutters, most of those nutters aren't under investigation for aggravated assault. But on Friday morning, a student activist and Unison member was dragged to the ground and assaulted by three men suspected of being members of the BNP.

The woman who has campaigned against the rise of the far right in Huddersfield, claims that she was called a "dirty red" before being dragged to the ground and then repeatedly kicked. She is believed to have suffered severe bruising and a fractured rib.

Race War and Rommel

As the investigation was launched, Richard Barnbrook told the Independent that his party are not the Nazi thugs they have been made out to be. However, this claim was then somewhat offset by his stated admiration for Erwin Rommel and his belief in the coming of a race war. 

In response to a question from the Independent's Cole Moreton, the newly elected BNP politician, warned that there would be "strife" and "riots" on the streets "if the democratic process does not work out within the next five to six years." 

But with Richard Barnbrook very much part of that process for the next four years at least, he did not say at whose hands that strife would come. 


Anonymous said...

That's the kind of honesty i like in a politician. 'Yes we are a bunch of Nazi thugs and what of it?' seems to be the new line. Which is certainly an interesting tactic.

Bob said...

He knows how to win over his own party then! Mind you for some of the scum in that party, being described as 'knuckle dragging junk' is actually quite a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Oppose bans on public drinking

The new London major's first act was to ban drinking on the Tube. As spiked's Brendan O'Neill points out, one's attitude towards public drinking has long been a test of libertarian spirit. The Manifesto Club supports all those – and there have not been many – who have raised a protest against public drinking bans. These include the organisers of this Circle Line Party against the Tube drinking ban, and David Shariatmadari on Comment is Free; and this petition from the publicans and patrons of Soho, who call on the PM to ‘resist a ban on drinking outside and maintain the liberal culture of Soho’. See also Dolan Cummings' comment against the booze ban in the Manifesto Club Members' Room.

Isn't Boris's friend and now employee Munira Mirza a founder member of the, 'Manifesto Club' ?

The Tory Troll said...

I think you commented on the wrong story.