Monday, 9 June 2008

The Sun comes out for the Poles from the Brit Stuff

After months of denial, evasion and embarrassment, The Sun have finally released their Polish edition to the kabanos-chomping, Zwiec-swilling masses of Great Britain.

Published over the weekend to coincide with the beginning of Euro 2008, the first edition features translations of articles by Polish favourite Jeremy Clarkson, the latest news from the Polish motherland and its very own Polish page three.

The existence of this version of the Sun was long rumoured but roundly denied by the paper. However, when I discovered proof of its existence in a hidden part of the Sun website last year, I passed on the evidence to the Press Gazette who then approached Team Murdoch for a response. 

Their denial was swiftly converted to a statement that the edition had only been knocked up as part of a 'staff competition'. However, when the online Polish edition was removed from the website I began to suspect that there may be more to it. The sudden appearance of the fully fledged print version over the weekend was therefore something of a pleasant surprise.

So while the likes of the Daily Mail will continue to profit from slurring Poles in this country, Rupert Murdoch at least has realised where the real money is to be made.


stuart_graham said...

Haven't the Poles suffered enough? Hitler, Stalin, ..Jarewselski..Walesa Murdoch?

The Tory Troll said...

We're suckers for punishment ;)