Saturday, 12 July 2008

Brian Coleman gets maximum value from taxi bill

In the new spirit of tax-payer value at City Hall, the man Boris Johnson charged with chairing LFEPA has cut his taxi bill down to a measly £8231 for the year.

With his bill for last year in excess of £10,000, I am sure we can all be extremely grateful to Brian Coleman for his new found modesty.

Of course the fact that he no longer has the excuse of carting round his bling, may have had something to do with the reduction. 

And although expenditure on taxis from all other 26 assembly members only touches £9000 in total, it is still clear that Mr. Coleman is now trying his best.


Helen said...

I expect he had to travel through areas full of party colleague Tony Arbour's "riff-raff" so he needed an armoured car and bodyguards.

The Tory Troll said...

He's probably scared of a certain hip-hop dance crew getting all ghetto on his arse.

victor allen said...

Interesting figures quoted here. Including for example Richard Barnes having a paid for travel card. Doesn't he qualify for a freedom pass? I ask this as I think he is over 60, so isn't he wasting £1720 of public money claimin for a pass he gets free?
I apologise if he is younger than he looks, but this is the man who spaeks all the major Scandinavian languages and French and can manage sign language (not Latin yet), but would take over if tragedy befell Bozo.

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose it would matter much if he was seeing as the money would just be going from the GLA to the Transport network. It would be a pretty pointless shuffling around of funds though.

victor allen said...

What if he gets the £1720, but doesn't actually spend it?
In any case, why are GLA members given a travel pass and then claim £ooo's on taxis?
Would other employers entertain that idea?

Mr. Stop Boris said...

Ah, but Victor, his Freedom Pass wouldn't currently be valid before 09.30 Monday to Friday. Of course, Boris promised emphatically during his campaign that he would make it valid 24 hours a day, but there's been no movement on that - understandably when there are much more pressing things to be done like, er, rebranding an anti-racist festival and withdrawing from Mayors For Peace. Hmm.

prj45 said...

Victor Allen:Including for example Richard Barnes having a paid for travel card. Doesn't he qualify for a freedom pass?

I can't work out how some of them (in particular Coleman *shiver*) claim for a travel card, and then obviously don't go anywhere near public transport.

barry r said...

Didn't know he'd withdrawn from Mayors for Peace.
Is there a group Mayor for War?

Victor Allen said...

Perhaps they should pay for the travel pass themselves unless they use it. Maybe they're passing it on to a family member to get free travel while they claim for taxis. Here's one for Sherlock Gilligan!