Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Nick Boles blames Law for botched appointments

After attempts to blame the Church, Lynton Crosby and some vast left-wing conspiracy, for the botched appointments of Ray Lewis and Simon Milton, the Tories are now blaming the law itself.

Speaking to the London Assembly today, Boris Johnson's interim Chief of Staff and one-time Mayoral candidate Nick Boles said that:

"We did the best we could in an unsatisfactory situation with a bit of legislation which was a nonsense. As a result of that nonsense, did we have to take a few corners on two wheels? We did."

But when asked if he had read the relevant legislation he said that he "had not read (the law) nor do I have any intention of reading it."

Asked by Jeanette Arnold why he had not made even the most basic of checks on Ray Lewis's qualifications and background he replied:

"We all knew Ray and believed in him. It didn't occur to us to doubt him."

Boles also said that the "media pressure" had been so high that the need to be seen to be appointing people was a bigger priority than undertaking the sort of "ballbreaking" checks that the assembly were suggesting.

He proposed that a formal transition period should be undertaken between a candidate winning an election and formally taking office. 

However, other members of the committee suggested that it was not the system itself that was the problem but the complete mess of it made by Boles and his team.

Because with such a wide-ranging and expensive 'Transition Team' already in place, the appointment of Ray Lewis and Simon Milton could easily have been delayed until all checks had been made.

But with such pressure, as Boles admitted today, to make Boris appear up to the job, these considerations were clearly left to one side. It's just a shame that three months later we are still having to clear up the mess.


hannah said...

'He (Nick Boles)proposed that a formal transition period should be taken between a candidate winning the election and formally taking office'.
How about 4 years?

Helen said...

Cuh! John Biggs would've lent him his Ladybird Book Of The Law.

Bobbin said...

I watched the webcast. Isn't this man meant to be the rising star of Toryism? He didn't have a clue what he was talking about, was fantastically arrogant, and seemed to want to blame everyone but himself for what happened.

In which case I suppose he must be.

Hawkeye said...

So basically he's admitted that their decisions are controlled by what the media are saying?

And that to become a senior member of unelected local government involves less checking that volunteering to run a boys football team?


The Troll said...

Yes it doesn't bode well Hawkeye. Something tells me they haven't learnt their lesson either.

North Briton Hunter said...

The lengths to which the Tory high command have been trying to shift the blame of their shambolic appointments at City Hall has been pathetic.

I met Nick Boles a couple of times when he was a Westminster councillor and he always struck me as a reasonable and sensible man, obviously filled - perfeclty reasonably - with ambition.

But his attempt to shift the blame on to all and sundry do him a great disservice. Clearly the buck stops with the Tory high command, not with the Church, bitter Kennites or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

If Boles is the best they've got then the next Conservative government is storing itself up some real problems. Watch out Britian, things are going to get messy.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Home has started a wiki, including this timeline of Boris Johnson's mayoralty. It looks somewhat incomplete, and I'm sure that you and/or your friends would be able to help.

The Troll said...

Ah yes. I had forgotten that the Ministry of Truth had stepped in. Anyone fancy filling in the gaps?

BritSwedeGuy said...

He sounds like the Fry and Laurie characters that ran the fitness centre in Uttoxeter. Dammit, dammit all to hell.

Helen said...

Ah, ha! It must be Marjory's fault!