Monday, 7 July 2008

The Prince Of Darkness swoops into City Hall

From Tim Parker's welcoming note to his new employees at City Hall:

"This is my first day in City Hall, and I am really looking forward to making a contribution to the Mayor's team. Over the last couple of weeks I have had an opportunity to meet with many staff across the GLA. I must say how impressed I have been by the overall calibre of people and their professionalism with which how they go about their work."

Well that all sounds very friendly and business-like. Maybe he's not the Mr. Nasty he's been made out to be. But hang on what's this?

"As the last few days have demonstrated, there is no such thing as a 'ticking over' state at City Hall. I am sure that the next four years will be exciting (for all the right reasons!) and we make further progress in improving the life of Londoners."

Am I missing something or does that sound like a threat to you? Let's read it again:

"There shall be no more ticking-over of the kind we saw last week in the Mayor's office. Oh no. All ticking shall be carefully prescribed from here on in. Any ticker-overs shall be identified and immediately ticked off the list."
"Furthermore, any excitement found from working here will be weeded out and replaced by the meeting of carefully tabled outcomes. Do you hear me quislings? CAREFULLY TABLED OUTCOMES."

Or at least that's how it read like to me. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.


Ch Paul said...

Oh my god. As I read this a HUGE thunderstorm started overhead. You better watch out Mr. Troll. The gods are not happy with you.

The Tory Troll said...

Ha Ha. I know I know. I've got one here too. I'm staying indoors until Mr. Parker has calmed himself down a bit.

Helen said...

"...with which how they go about their work" - is that verbatim? Not much cop at grammar, is he?

BenSix said...

Is there a transcript or were you just scribbling furiously?


The Tory Troll said...

It is verbatim. It was a message in in the newsletter for City Hall employees

Anonymous said...

Spot on Helen. His grammar is appalling and his sentences could do with an urgent economy drive: 'with which how they?!'

Slash and burn Parker. Asset strip those sentences.

Sunny said...

You would have made an excellent Kreminologist Mr Troll.

The Tory Troll said...

I haven't even got started yet. Just wait for my analysis of the new tea and coffee arrangement and Boris Johnson's choice of swivel chair. It's all golden stuff.

harold said...

Yes, Helen's right.
Why doesn't Boris show who's boss - make Parker write out in his best handwriting a thousand time in Latin: 'there is no such thing as a 'ticking over' state at City Hall'

angelneptunestar said...

What's wrong in kicking ass if people are not up to the job? That's our money they are wasting. If they are good at their jobs, I am sure he will leave them alone, but if they are not, I hope they are evicted, like from the Big Brother House, except hopefully he will chuck them down the front steps.

The Tory Troll said...

Your comments are getting increasingly aggressive Angela and I am becoming worried. First you were saying that bishops should rot in hell and now you are saying that civil servants should be thrown down stairways. Is everything okay?

angelneptunestar said...

Adam, it is kind of you to ask, but since you do, I am not OK at all, I am very very angry, but I will try to explain calmly.

I feel that it is very very wrong what has happened to Ray Lewis, because we really needed his help. He seemed to offer some solutions to the serious problems that everyone in London is very worried about, and he had done good work.

In spite of that, many writers seem to want to switch the focus of the argument and make the focus the "embarrassment" of the Tory Party. Adam, why should David Cameron or Boris Johnson feel embarrassed about the revelations regarding Ray Lewis when all they were trying to do is make Londoner safer? All they are trying to do is stopping kids being killed? People in London are really worried about their kids and they do not give a rats ass about the embarrassment of the Tory Party or the Labour Party or Uncle Toms Cobley. They want the violence to stop.

There was an article in the Times yesterday when David Aaronovitch said "This constant witch hunt is the real scandal". I do agree with that article and I hope people will read it.

The only good thing is, if Boris Johnson's mayoralty is continually attacked, when it is blatantly obvious how sincere his intentions are, it will just polarise popular opinion in his support against the people doing the witch hunt, and in my opinion, that is already starting to happen.

Maybe the people doing the witch hunt misguidedly have good intentions, and I am trying to be charitable. However, they do need to wake up and see how destructive they are being and that certain problems require the co-operation of us all and are above all this political manoevring and mud throwing, and that is why I am angry.

ps. And I do not at all think there is anything wrong in Tim Parker making City Hall more efficient and viable an organisation, and the thing about the stairs was actually a joke. Once I wrote to the Big Brother producers to say it would be great t.v. if they threw evicted people down the stairs. They said, it would but there would be legal problems.