Monday, 14 July 2008

Ray Lewis goes into hiding as big questions remain

Ray Lewis has been pulled from tomorrow's Home Affairs Committee meeting where he was due to answer questions on teen violence in the capital.

The news that he will not be attending comes after he failed to turn up to a meeting at Petchey Academy in Dalston, Hackney last Tuesday. 

The school were due to decide whether he should continue in his role as a governor.

He also pulled out of presenting prizes at a talent contest in Haggerston yesterday. He has yet to give a public interview since his resignation.

There are also unresolved doubts over his future involvement with the Eastside Academy and the Conservative Party. 

Last week the First Deputy Mayor Tim Parker refused to rule out working with Lewis in the future. 

However, Francis Maude who is leading the internal party review into the Lewis fiasco, has said that his involvement with the Academy will decrease.

But with the public inquiry into Lewis dropped, the question marks over his integrity will almost certainly now remain. 


Anonymous said...

Canceling the inquiry was really unfair on Lewis because he can't clear his name now. I f I was Lewis i would be feeling thoroughly fed up with what had been done to me. I bet he wishes he never met his mate Dave now.

Helen said...

Don't be daft, he has GAAAAHD on his side.

Anonymous said...

He'll be in Northern Cyprus by tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

"Ray Lewis? Who's Ray Lewis? Never heard of him."

Tom said...

When the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table.

The Tory Troll said...

Or in Ray's case behind outright lies and arrogance.

Or in Boris's case, behind Latin, bluster and U-turns.

angelneptunestar said...

I feel very sorry for Ray Lewis.

Alex said...

Are you actually Boris?

Tom said...

No, she's a lot more coherent.

Seriously, does no one else wonder about the disconnect between the tough takes-no-prisoners ain't-afraid-to-ruffle-a-few-feathers tough guy Lewis as portrayed in virtually the entire press, and this other Lewis going to ground and staying there within two days of being found out?