Friday, 4 July 2008

Ray Lewis 'misled' public over magistrate claims

Ray Lewis was described as a 'fantasist' this afternoon after it was revealed that he had never served as a Justice of the Peace

At the press conference called yesterday to rebut the allegations against him, Ray Lewis claimed that: "I have never knowingly done anything that would be inconsistent with my position as a justice of the peace."

However, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice confirmed today that Lewis "is not and has never been a magistrate"

The revelation follows other inconsistencies in Lewis's public statements. These include his claims to have only heard the allegations against him yesterday, despite reports that legal advice was sought by City Hall as early as last week.

Lewis's other claim, that he had not known until yesterday that he had lost his license as a minister in the Church of England was also questioned by the Bishop of Chelmsford. The Bishop told Channel Four News that he was 'absolutely sure' that Lewis would have been told. 

Labour Assembly Member John Biggs said today: 

"Either there is a conspiracy involving virtually the whole world or the man is a complete fantasist."

Ray Lewis's claims to be a Justice of the Peace were repeated to me as recently as this morning when Boris Johnson's official spokesman said:

"Boris appointed a man who had been vetted as a magistrate, a prison governor, who had set up a charity and worked with children. He has been through the strongest vetting process outside of MI5."

However, despite these claims, City Hall now admit that they did not place Ray Lewis under any vetting process themselves. 

They also admit that the 'enhanced' checks, which are routinely carried out on people working with young people, were not undertaken by City Hall before offering Lewis the job.

With these new revelations seemingly coming by the hour, the Mayor's unequivocal support for his Deputy is looking to be resting on increasingly shaky ground.


Karl said...

This man is clearly a lunatic. Why on earth would you expect to get away with a whopper like that? Perhaps nobody told him that he wasn't a magistrate, therefore he thought it reasonable to assume he was?

Its interesting watching the Evening Boris wriggle around this issue, esp Andrew Gilligan who points out its anti-boris organisations (like the bbc) who are making most fuss about it. It'll be interesting to see if they cover the JP claims.

I predict a quiet resignation over the weekend.

The Tory Troll said...

Dave Hill is reporting a resignation is imminent. A statement is expected on BBC London soon.

karl said...

He resigned almost as I typed that. What a farce. I bet Boris is thrilled about this overshadowing his bus competition launch.

I have a feeling this one will run and run.

Alex said...

Well - that was....unusual! It just seems such a strange thing to lie about. Kinda unconscious self sabotage, don't yer think?

The Tory Troll said...

Possibly. Either that or he is just a habitual liar. We shall have to wait and see I guess.