Sunday, 13 July 2008

Rewriting History in Finsbury Park

Nothing to do with anti-racism then?


Helen said...


harold said...

Now I am confused. The viewlondon website is still listing it as the largest anti-racist festival in Europe. Presumably this is very misleading as it should be labelled as the not particualrly relevant anodyne festival of Boris Johnson's.
Did anyone actually go and did Boris manage to turn up as he completely forgot about Africa Day (much to the relief of the organisers).
Were there big marquess for their only supporting sponsors - Canary Wharf Group PLC and blyk?

diversity celebrator said...

I was there and I can confirm that the white/black ratio was roughly 80-20. I of course await the official Mirza report with supreme interest.

Helen said...

Blyk? Are they South African?

Anonymous said...

I've just got back from Rise. What a great day - and a huge attendance, no doubt helped by the weather. CSS were ace! I actually think there were more ethnic minorities than last year, but they may have been Brazilians...:)

Fair play to Boris - he put on a really good show and, frankly, I don't think many people there missed the politics.

The Tory Troll said...

To be fair Boris didn't put on any show. Most of the acts were booked before Boris even won the election and Boris didn't even know about the existence of the festival before a BBC reporter pointed it out to him a few weeks ago.

When it was pointed out to him, he seemed thoroughly surprised and even a bit disbelieving, that the anti-racist message had been taken out.

It is just a free festival now without any political purpose. Which is fine, if that's what Boris wants. Except Boris clearly couldn't give a toss either way.

Most people attending probably couldn't either. Which still doesn't explain why the anti-racist message was taken out.

barry r said...

Three questions:
How many people? (80:20 ratio is significantly more white than before, by the way)
Was Boris there, or did he have something else on, such as a taxi ride?

Is this going to be one of Tim Parker's efficiency items? Will it be free next year?

The Tory Troll said...

A review.