Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Rise Festival should fall suggests Tory audit panel

Last Weekend's Rise Festival may well turn out to have been London's last it was revealed today, after Boris Johnson's 'Forensic Audit Panel' suggested axing the event.

When Team Boris removed the anti-racist message from Rise, there was suspicion that it would be the first step towards scrapping the event altogether. This fear has been heightened by today's report. 

On page 25 of the report ex-Sunday Telegraph editor Patience Wheatcroft suggests that:

There may be scope for reviewing the list of events offered through Events for London; it is possible that a detailed critical analysis could generate substantial savings, particularly if entire events such as the ‘Rise Festival’ (which cost over £300,000) were cancelled. Careful consideration should be given to the rationale behind such events.

Of course the cost of staging the event would have been substantially lower had Munira Mirza not taken the dogmatic decision to remove the anti-racist message from the festival.

The decision led to all participating unions pulling their sponsorship from the event, thereby significantly increasing the costs.

Of course what may well turn out be the more significant effect of removing the anti-racist message, is that it also removes any political 'rationale' for staging the event at all. 

Because with no political message, it is essentially just a festival like any other. 

And if Boris is to follow the advice of his hired panel of Tory axe-men, then this year will go down in history as the year that Rise was finally allowed to fall.


Anonymous said...

I heard about 100,000 people attended this year. That's an awful lot of unhappy voters if they decide to pull it.

Helen said...

It's a good way to justify abolishing events you don't approve of, isn't it? Hack off the usual sponsors so much that they pull out and the costs escalate. Also, don't advertise the events sufficiently (thereby saving money) so attendance falls and you can axe them on the grounds of falling numbers.

The Tory Troll said...

Absolutely. And I'm still awaiting those racial profiling figures from Munira. Could it be that this year there was (shock horror) the same racial makeup as last year i.e the same as London as a whole?

Harold said...

What is so stupid about this suggestion is that Boris is prepared to axe something where if he half-used his brain (as opposed to Tim Parker's) he'd realise he was on to a winner. By all accounts, the festival was a success in terms of being a music event (leave aside the anti-racist message).
The cost for an organisation the size of the GLA is minimal.
it seems they are hell bent on giving Mr & Mrs Mailreader in certain boroughs value for money.
The problem is GLA expenditure has little to do with it - unless they cut the police and fire brigade right back. Em, even Tim Parker would perhaps avoid cutting the police at the moment.
These headlines about making savings are bogus - there will be no savings, although his forensic team wouldn't be able to find them if there were.

Anonymous said...

Its beginning to become very clear Boris' only talent is in stopping things other people have set in motion, or just stopping things altogether. A talent that requires very little skill. So he can huff and puff about saving money while his Disposable Mayors make the real decisions.

Kid said...


" seems they are hell bent on giving Mr & Mrs Mailreader in certain boroughs value for money."

Got it in one. Bo Job was voted in by precisely these sort of people - they dwelling in the outer boroughs. These cretins cannot stand public funds spent on anything not in their direct interest, be it congestion charges, festivals (antiracist or otherwise) or anything that their taxes might be used for. These miserable bastards genuinely think that if these schemes and events are cut, they will see a corresponding fall in their tax outlay. They won't, by the way - Boris has to pay for his concubines, er, deputy mayors and his "independent" audits somehow.

Anonymous said...

The FAP report talks a lot about potential savings - eg "leveraging savings through bulk buying". My experience is that these always remain potential savings, not real ones.

Karl said...

Incidentally, I hope someone is going to ask Boris soon to confirm that the 'Rise' festival will be held next year?

The Tory Troll said...

I will put a question in. I wouldn't hold out for a definite answer though. Nothing is likely to be decided now until after the August break.

North Briton Hunter said...

The Rise festival won't be back Karl. It would be such an easy thing to cut and Boris will say he is introducing his new London festival to rival Edinburgh instead.

Anonymous said...

It's good that Rise is going to be scrapped. I went on Sunday and the crowd represented the scummiest elements in London, especially the degenerate middle class lefties.

Fortunately, there's more of us than you. That's why Boris won. That's why Cameron will win. That's why Rise is over - and there's nothing whatsoever a bunch of impotent sub-Marxist whingers can do about it.

The Tory Troll said...

Yet more refreshing honesty from an anonymous Tory reader.

Sorry that you didn't enjoy the festival though. It must be hard for you to live amongst so much scum.