Friday, 11 July 2008

Team Boris blame election chief for Deputy scandal

After failed attempts to blame the Ray Lewis fiasco on the Church of England and some vast left-wing conspiracy, Team Boris are now trying to pin the blame on their campaign manager Lynton Crosby.

Boris Johnson's transition chief Nick Boles told the Evening Standard that Crosby had put them under so much pressure to win the campaign, that they had no time left to either vet Lewis or the other appointments.

This extraordinary attempt to try and shift fault onto the man who mastered their election campaign, comes after fresh allegations of sexual misconduct were leveled at the ex-Deputy Mayor.

According to the Standard, one of Ray Lewis's ex-parishioners is now claiming that he made unwanted advances on her during a Christian conference in the mid-nineties. Ray Lewis strenuously denies the claims.

But whatever the truth is about the Lewis allegations, the Tories' increasingly bizarre attempts to portion off the blame for last week's fiasco, reveals a growing unease about the new administration at City Hall.


Helen said...

No time left to vet the appointments? Absolute bullshit. How long does it take to phone the Bishop of Chelmsford? Actually, anybody got a punchline?

Chris said...

So basically they spent so much time watching Boris to make sure he didn't fuck it up, that they forgot to bother checking up on anyone else. Ray Lewis? No don't bother checking him. Just keep your eye on that Boris. That's where the trouble is.

pastyface said...

Surely Crosby was only doing his job. He didn't care what they did after they won.

The Tory Troll said...

Well exactly. Blaming Crosby for concentrating on winning the election campaign is a bit like blaming Boris for concentrating on speaking Latin and feigning ignorance. It's what he's paid for damnit!

stuart graham said...

The one person who cannot be responsible is Boris. I mean he's not responsible for anything.
His whole campaign was about making sure that no one knew what his policies were and no one knew who would be in his administration.
It was headlines about bendy buses, scrapping the £25 guzzler tax and of course talking complete rubbish whenever cornered (or quoting in Latin which for most of us is tantamount to the same thing)
He lied about the cost of his Routemaster and has now had to ask TfL to come up with a competition for a new bus.
It's one thing prying into Ray Lewis's past, but maybe a few people will regret covering up Boris's political past - including lying when at Oxford claiming he was a social democrat so as to get elected. This man will say anything to pretend he's what he's not and above all he's not up to being Mayor and we've yet to see how hid delegated power corrupts.

prj45 said...

Can you do checks on somebody before you're even in a job that means you can employ them?

Why would they have done checks on Ray Lewis before Boris was even elected?

The Tory Troll said...

Because he was being lined up for a job for years. He was the first person David Cameron visited after winning the leadership election and he also launched Boris's campaign.

There was more than enough time for them to check up on him. All it would have taken was a few phone calls and and/or a few letters.

Anonymous said...

Surely the worry has to be that, as the Tories now turn their attention to finding out who Boris' appointees actually are, who managed to get which job in the lucky dip and what crimes each one has been hiding... that they'll take their collective eye off the Boris, and he'll do something utterly disastrous, like shoot some homeless kids or something.

prj45 said...

Sorry, I should've been clear, I meant formal CRB type checks that employers do, level two I think would've been required to discover Lewis' involvement with the police.

I'm with you, I think it's a ridiculous excuse. Johnson has written before he doesn't believe in such checks and his administration is strongly linked to people who think they do more harm than good.

If Johnson's team is saying it neglected to do the checks, when it is in fact morally opposed to them and explicity decided not to do them (rather than neglect to do them) then that's quite a story IMO.

The Tory Troll said...

Yes there definitely seems to be a story there. Boris has written against CRB checks and Munira Mirza et al are opposed to them. It would be interesting to know if there is a connection to the Lewis case.

prj45 said...

If somebody suggested that a CRB should be done on Lewis, and somebody else decided not to that's resignation levels of neglect in a society that obviously thinks such background checks are quite important; no matter what certain uber-libertarian groups think.

Particulary as he was tasked with setting up an organisation for children.