Saturday, 5 July 2008

Tony Travers on a possible Boris Johnson recovery

The Director of the London School of Economics and Evening Standard writer Tony Travers, told the BBC earlier that:

"If the Boris Johnson administration gets a grip, then in six months time, if there hasn't been any more problems of this kind, then they might possibly be able to draw a line under this."

Oh dear. That's hardly a ringing endorsement now is it? Anyone ready for a re-launch?

Things must be going bad for them over at Conservative Central Office if they've resorted to wheeling out this plonker to their defence. Read it and cringe people. Read it and cringe.


Bobbin said...

Ooh I am I am. Maybe we can wheel out Maggie for another spin and get some public endorsements from Darius Guppy and Conrad Black. Come on Boris keep your chin up. There's only another 3 and 3/4 years left.

Anonymous said...

Well an endorsement from Dale would be worth a few votes. Literally, a few votes.

karl said...

6 Months time? I fear this is only the start - if someone as close to Boris as Mr Lewis hasn't been checked out, lord knows what horros yet lie await in the skeleton closet.

I'm still flabberghasted Boris just parroted his ' didnt stop him becomming a JP' line without at least getting a third party to confirm. Boris is no politician, and I can't imagine what size debacle we're going to see next. As I read somewhere else, if he thinks one day of headlines and a few awkward press conferences constitute 'hounding someone out of office' he is in for a very unpleasant four years.

Helen said...

"But through all of this, I have one thing in the back of my mind - the hundreds of black kids who have graduated from the Eastside Young Leaders Academy who Ray Lewis saved from a life of crime"

Hundreds? It was 80 at the last count. They must've been multiplying like those "bottles of very fine wines".

The Tory Troll said...

Or like flies. Oh no sorry that was Taki.

Anonymous said...

Amazing so its all the left's fault. The same left of course that fought against homophobia, (Ken Livingstone in particular) when Iain's party considered the cure for homosexuality was the Edward the second solution.

anonymouse said...

I don't like gay tories either. Or female tories, or any kind of Tories for that matter. All of which proves that Iain is write, I am wrong, and Ray Lewis is irrefutably as honest as the day is long. That's that sorted then. I look forward to reading it again in his freesheet.

stuart graham said...

Looks like Iain Dale's been brought in to do the usual political trick of comparing the new regime with the old. You know, 'you think we're bad, but under the last lot .....'. The only difference here is that line is usually only used when the shows been on the road for a year or two, not a month or two.
For Iain Dale's information, the left doesn't decry black people who support the Tories, we simply have to ask the question as to why it was so long before any black people thought the Tories could be supported, especially as they spent years criticising the other parties, (including even the Lib Dems) for promoting black people and ridiculing this as 'poliitcaly correct'. Doesn't matter how you dress it up, the Nasty Party is back.

Paul said...

Helen said... 'Hundreds? It was 80 at the last count. They must've been multiplying like those "bottles of very fine wines"'.

Or like the "100s" of cyclists crushed to death every year by the bendy bus.

I often see a bendy go by with a couple of cyclists stuck on the front of it like flies myself.

Tim said...

I'm not cringing...

Admitedly, yes, it's from a pro-Tory point of view, but the fundamental facts are true...

Lewis hasn't been charged, or convicted of anything,

The Church of England (oh what a stunning example of probity) have 'barred' him on the back of fairly dubious evidence, to say the least.

OK, he wasn't actually a JP - but he's 'qualified', or 'approved' as such.

As the 'Left' always scream about Tory criticism (equally ill-founded, I grant), where is the talk of policy? This has been a character assasination, no doubt about it. At least he had the good grace to go immediately, unlike a couple of NuLab figures I could mention...

karl said...

Pretty much everyone is qualified to be a JP. They are just members of the public. From what I can work out, he's managed to get as far as downloading the applciation form, sending it off, and getting the standard response back.

You say its farily dubious evidence. You obviously have information we don't?

The man is an out and out liar.

The Tory Troll said...

'the fundamental facts are true...'

Dale clearly didn't even know what the facts of the case were. Which didn't stop him screaming racism of course.

'Lewis hasn't been charged, or convicted of anything,'

I wasn't aware that I had said that he was.

'OK, he wasn't actually a JP - but he's 'qualified', or 'approved' as such.'

So he says. But you have to bear in mind he has been caught out lying twice at least and that he had JP on his CV as early as May. Besides, my mate once recommended me for Pope but luckily I've never put it on my CV.

'where is the talk of policy?'

Take a look through the site. Or talk to a politician. They usually have quite a few.

'This has been a character assasination, no doubt about it.'

Can you find anything I have said about his character? Well apart from the fact that he is a proven liar of course and is suspected of much worse. Still maybe we shouldn't have mentioned any of that and just let him run a project for thousands of kids without even checking out his past or even checking out his CV. Oh wait that is what they did do.

'At least he had the good grace to go immediately'

Well actually he didn't. And even when he did he didn't have much of a choice. Once he was proven to be a liar that is. Still, it didn't stop him blaming everyone else. Or Dale for that matter.

But let's ignore all that and just accuse everyone who is on the left of being Uncle Toms. That will make it all go away.

Oh wait, it didn't.