Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Troll's mind: now available for all on Twitter

If you absolutely have to know my every word and thought then you can follow me on micro-blogging platform Twitter. 

I have been Twittering (for so I believe it is called) for a few weeks now and have collected a simply staggering 21 'followers'. This is, I have to admit, pathetic.

So if you fancy finding out what I think about the latest edition of Eastenders, or why my toaster isn't working properly, then you can join up over here.


Toneytony said...

I will consider following your Twitter updates and will post some twitter updates on the subject of your Twitter updates in the meantime. I will keep you updated.

The Tory Troll said...

Does anyone else have a Twitter account and want some more followers? If so, put your url up on here along with your favourite update and I will see if you're worth following.

Spam away people.

BenSix said...

Your twitter is delightful.
I'm sure that you will...whatever with mine.


The Tory Troll said...

Ahhhh. I was duped!