Monday, 21 July 2008

Why Brian Coleman should consider staying still

After being exposed for spending almost £10,000 a year on shunting himself around London, it now seems that Tory AM Brian Coleman has claimed an extra £800 for 'travel and subsistence' from LFEPA.

This sum, on top of an additional £350 travel allowance from Barnet Council puts the total cost to taxpayers of transporting Brian Coleman around London at a staggering £11,106 for the year.

Coleman was slammed last year for claiming £10,000 for taxi fares from the London Assembly.

But when it was later revealed that he had spent £660 on taxis in just one day, he claimed that he wasn't even aware that he had taken any taxis at all, and had assumed they were all official cars.

But if Mr Coleman is still in doubt as to what a taxi looks like, after spending £18,000 of our money on them, then I'm sure that there will at least a few of his constituents who would be more than happy to give him a lesson.


Anonymous said...

Brian Coleman: the gift that keeps on taking.

The Tory Troll said...

Any chance we can return that gift do you think.

Dave Cole said...

According to TfL, you would expect a forty minute ride in a cab to cost around £27. That works out at around ten days per year in a taxi. Of course, that's not accurate as not all of his journeys would have been forty minutes' long and taxis become cheaper over longer distances.


The Tory Troll said...

All of which makes it all the more surprising that he manages to find the time to spend £1720 a year on public transport. Maybe he hires a cab between platforms ;)

AnonyMouse said...

'Any chance we can return that gift?'

Only if it's by Royal Mail.

barry rochford said...

He didn't know he was in a taxi?
That's a great one - I didn't know I was in a supermarket when I walked out with that full shopping trolley; I didn't know I was on Boris's underground when I was drinking that can of Fosters; I thought this was my clapped out Ford Fiesta, I didn't realise I was driving a Mercedes.
Is there not a medical condition that when you are so used to seeing something (eg the inside of a taxi) that you no longer recognise it?