Thursday, 14 August 2008

Boris Johnson and a Double Decker Bendy Bus

Now I know Boris Johnson is keen to get his next generation Routemaster on the road, but I thought that he would have at least waited until he had actually built one:

While on the 436 bendy bus near Camberwell Green on Thursday morning Caroline Pidgeon AM, the Liberal Democrat deputy chair of the transport committee, was surprised to hear the bus’ automatic iBus system announce ‘No standing on the upper deck’ and ‘Seats are available upstairs.’

“I was shocked to say the least. Is Boris trying to tell us something?” said Caroline. “If Boris is getting the iBus system updated already evidently his plans for the Routemaster are progressing well.”

Maybe he's made the design brief even more flexible.


Anonymous said...

Next step - bendy routemasters ;)

Chris said...

That Caroline Pidgeon is certainly making herself heard. She's turning into a bit of a thorn in Bozza's side no?

Tom said...

I have to say I like her, probably edges ahead of Valerie Shawcross as 'most switched on member of the Transport Committee'. Other awards are:

'Please, Please, Just Try Less Hard' - James Cleverly AM
'Fights Started In Empty Room' - Jenny Jones AM

It's fun to watch. No, really.