Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Boris Johnson's last eighteen days in power

No don't worry yourselves. Boris hasn't handed in his notice just yet. No I'm talking about the last 18 days since I sailed out of Boris-land. So what has our not-so-new-now Mayor been up to?

Well despite my worst fears, Boris hasn't yet privatised park benches or installed first class carriages on bendy buses.

Nor has the Mayor's website been translated into Latin, or Andrew Gilligan appointed Deputy for Whingeing (he is to be retained in an informal role.)

But what has happened is the gradual revealing of what is surprise, surprise, yet another bog-standard Tory administration.

Old Habits

In the first 100 days we had a few signs of this. The scrapping of half-price bus fares for people on income support, and the purging of left-wing positions and festivals played to the age-old tune of Tory governance.

And with so much attention being placed on Boris's botched appointments and on his continuation of the 2008 election campaign, there was little time for them to actually do anything.

But with that period now over, and with the media camel trail marched swiftly onto the general election, Boris and his pals can happily get on with the happy business of happily making happy decisions.

Like this one, to approve the demolition of a popular market to make way for a skyscraper, or this one to sell off playing fields. Or this one to scrap all requirements for social rented housing from a major development. 

Hey it's all good fun this government business isn't it? Just say exactly what people want to hear and when you're elected just do exactly what you were always going to do in the first place. 

Now that really is a change that you can believe in.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Boris-land Troll. I think you might be counting your blessings a bit too soon on the park benches though.

The Troll said...

Alas you may be right. Anyone know any good consultants?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what, for example, Oliver Kamm thinks of Boris' term so far? after all, his main gripe with Ken was that the Labour man was too lenient on big-business property developers and was too keen on skyscrapers...

Chris said...

Especially seeing as Ken had actually vetoed this particular skyscraper.

The Troll said...

Well you don't take tens of thousands of pounds worth of campaign donations from property developers for nothing.

Helen said...

You do if you're Horace Cutler and you lose to Ken Livingstone(LOL!!!!!!!1111111111111111)

BenSix said...

"Anyone know any good consultants?"

I'll need £125,000 before I tell you.

Welcome back.