Tuesday, 12 August 2008

David Cameron for Freedom (of Police Officers)

Hang on a second. Wasn't David Davis's byelection supposed to be a masterstroke? Civil liberties would be forced up the agenda and the Tories would be tied to a liberal agenda for ever more.

I guess someone forgot to tell David Cameron:
Police would be given greater powers to conduct surveillance operations on people suspected of crimes such as burglary and vehicle theft under plans the Conservative Party will announce today.

Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, will pledge to amend the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act so that police no longer need to secure authorisation to conduct surveillance on those suspected of non-terrorist offences.

Jolly good. At least we know where we stand now.


Bobbin said...

I guess this is the small state conservatism we heard so much about?

James Grieves said...

I thought that this Grieves was another "Libertarian"?

BenSix said...

You're confusing the definitions:

1. Political philosophy that prioritizes individual liberty and the minimisation or elimination of the state.
2. Political philosophy that abolishes taxes and prioritizes policies of NO TOLERANCE.