Thursday, 21 August 2008

Gilligan and an essential revolutionary moment

"When, next month, the full (forensic audit) report comes out, and the GLA's new cost-cutting chief executive, Tim Parker, starts work, we will see that second essential revolutionary moment: the part when selected victims are led out to the firing squad. It will be politically correct London's equivalent of the credit crunch and, with any luck, it will be goodbye to the groundbreaking cycling-for-the-blind initiatives, farewell to the gay Bengali workplace sustainability forums."

Never mind Gilly. At least we can say our goodbyes to Boris's blind-leading-the-blind initiative.


Bobbin said...

Boris isn't blind. He's just too busy looking at things he shouldn't be.

Helen said...

That's just a photo of a different pair of tits, bobbin.

A casual observer said...

So when Tim Parker was hired Gilligan hailed him as being key to an "essential revolutionary moment". (Evening Standard, 09/06/08)

But when he resigns Gilligan suddenly changes his mind: "Boris does need authority and experience behind him but more like that of, say, Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's former chief-of-staff, than of Tim Parker." (Evening Standard, 21/08/08)

The Troll said...

And also compare and contrast his newfound love of the boris Olympics with this