Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Andrew Neil vs Boris Johnson on the Daily Politics

Andrew Neil continued his habit of making Boris Johnson feel uncomfortable yesterday with this cringe-worthy performance from the Mayor.

Boris has shied away from doing full-scale interviews recently. His only real interview since the summer exodus was that painfully fluffy love-in with Vanessa Feltz.

Thankfully that has come to an end now and Neil gets more out of Boris in just nine minutes than the rest of us have got out of him in three stage-managed half-hour press conferences.

This is well worth watching in full, but if you haven't got the time right now, then Mr. Stop Boris has an excellent summary over here.


Helen said...

I'd like a comprehensive list of these "dodgy causes" supported by the LDA.

prj45 said...

Also interesting would be the list of causes that were identified as dodgy that stopped receiving funding under the Johnson regime.

Anonymous said...

1. Buying bendy buses
2. Buying votes
3. Buying off Jasper's mates
4. Buying the Morning Star

Do you want me to go on?

The Troll said...

If you want.

Helen said...

Yes, please do.

Anonymous said...

I suppose good old Ken was much better about answering questions. Give me a break.

The Troll said...

'Give me a break'

From what exactly?

sarah hart said...

Anonymous - you might not have liked Ken's answers, but he always answered them - and even the Tory forensic tram found he was telling the truth about Lee Jasper.
If you're serious about Boris, look at the interview and see how evasive he is. Don't tell me he doesn't know about knife crime - the truth is he hasn't a clue what to do, although he was quick to blame Ken for crime.

stuart graham said...

Er, when did the LDA buy bendy buses - anonymous seems to know even less about running London than Boris.

Tom said...

"Do you want me to go on?"

Yes, it's amusing. For instance, I've just worked out that replacing the bendy buses would cost about £60m per annum. Stick that in your value for money pipe and smoke it, matey - you're officially busted.