Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Kent and Essex abandon Boris Johnson to his Island

Boris Johnson's reverse ferret hasn't reached media land just yet. BBC London's chief reporter is in Manchester and the  Standard are still investigating Ken Livingstone (investigation due to end 2013).

Meanwhile Boris is doing his best to distract us and Kit Malthouse has gone mercifully quiet.

But with the news still clogged up somewhere under Tower Bridge, politicians in Kent and Essex have been desperately trying to raise the Thames Barrier in advance.

Kent County Council yesterday held an emergency meeting on the crisis, after which its Leader Paul Carter told the BBC:

"I'm not best pleased. I said this morning that all administrations have big ideas, and I think this is a big bad idea. It's a totally unsuitable place for an airport. When you think about the winter weather we have in the Thames Estuary - lots of mist and fog." 

Meanwhile over the water in Essex, Southend Council Leader Nigel Holdcroft told the Echo:

"I personally think it is really a non-starter simply because of the massive costs involved."

Not to be outdone Boris Johnson's spokesman also graced them with a quote:

"The mayor wants to undertake a study to establish the feasibility of the idea once and for all and is examining the best way to take the study forward.”

Oh well I guess we're stuck with that study now. I wonder how long it will take for them to find out 'once and for all' that it's never going to happen. 


Chris said...

I see the Evening Standard are spinning it that Labour have 'wrecked' Boris's 'ambitious scheme.'


If it wasn't for those meddling kids...

The Troll said...

It wasn't the government, it was the work of Ken Livingstone and his red army of guerilla fighters. Watch out for them people, I hear a poster campaign is coming.

Anonymous said...

A Yachtsman of Kent writes :-

A nice picture of the late "Richard Montgomery" and 7000 tons of US of A high explosive.

Please can us Yachties for Labour set up a group to preserve the "Four Fathoms Channel" ?

Incidently the reasons for a London Airport at the mouth of the London River were quite exloded in the enquiries over building the Airport at Foulness !

And where aging amunition ships were concerned the word 'exploaded' was apt.

Anonymous said...

Click here for the full story !


The Troll said...

There's a fascinating website dedicated to it as well, complete with footage of what an explosion there might look like.

A casual observer said...

I know that if I leave any more Gilligan related comments I'm in danger of sounding like a crazed stalker, but I just had to pick up on some gems from his latest column:

“Replacing Heathrow... would not only rid us of an international laughing-stock.”

Now, aside from the initial problems with the new terminal, how exactly is Heathrow an “international laughing-stock”? It’s just complete nonsense.

Conveniently, however, it does allow Gilligan to start with some point (if it were true) in his favour. Funny that.

"Yet the real obstacle may not be this, or money...It's the fact that this idea demands adjustments in previous thinking. It is against all the traditions of British government."

Just to be clear: It's not feasibility. It's not cost. He is actually seriously claiming that re-thinking something is ‘against all the traditions of British government’?

He is actually genuinely suggesting that British governments are so incapable of change that - even if every aspect of it made sense - they couldn’t even move an airport?

What is he talking about? What the...? Does he...?

Oh, forget it. I give up.

The Troll said...

Yes just to clear up any confusion the real issue is cost and is feasibility. It would cost (according to their own estimate) £30 billion. just to put that in perspective, the Cross River Tram which Gilligan has dismissed as an expensive 'vanity project' which we can't afford in these tough times, is estimated to cost £3 billion.

ken's red battalions said...

Gilligan's nobbled us and the games up!
The opposition to this great airport scheme which would have made London the envy of the world has been scuppered by our team of dedicated conspirators so as to rob Boris of an ingenious plan that would have had universal support of just about everyone to the east of London.
This is because we are in favour of another hairbrained plan that was mooted (then dropped) in the 80s which was to make Amsterdam London's third airport. Not only would it sove the problems of flights over UK, but would expand GLA jurisdiction by a few kilometres

The Troll said...

Hah! So you've admitted it. Andrew, get yourself on the case!

A casual observer said...

the troll said: "...the Cross River Tram which Gilligan has dismissed as an expensive 'vanity project' which we can't afford in these tough times, is estimated to cost £3 billion."

Yes, but to be fair on Boris, there aren't that many Tory voters in Peckham and Brixton.

Sorry, that's a bit cynical. I don't mean to suggest that Mayor Johnson is the sort of heartless right-winger who would - for example - tell people to stop "whingeing to me about house prices" .

Anyway, let's see what Boris' has to say in his Telegraph column today...

Oh, dear.

Alex said...

Of course, now I get it; the airport would have neatly wrecked the London Array windfarm project. The Tories have a deranged ideological loathing of wind power. Further, a lot of Heathrow workers are unionised.

The only remaining question is how the Bendy Jihad fits in. Perhaps he was thinking of building the runways on a huge pile of decommissioned bendy buses, rather as the army drove lorries into the sea at Dunkirk to create a temporary pier.