Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Boris Johnson endures the Vanessa Feltz treatment

After declaring a new found love for the BBC, Boris joined Vanessa Feltz this morning for her London breakfast radio show.

If you have a spare hour of your life to waste then you can listen as Vanessa quotes his Telegraph column in full before feathering him with possibly the easiest set of questions he is ever likely to face.

You can listen too as he dusts callers to the station off with with his patronising manner easy charm.

Vanessa ends the session by asking why he has taken so long to come in to her show. 

But if today's love-in was anything to go by, then I think Vanessa will be seeing plenty more of her mayor.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Paxman she isn't

Bobbin said...

Where's that picture from?

The Troll said...

It's a still from this slightly surreal pre-election video.

A casual observer said...

There were quite a few odd pre-election videos doing the rounds.

It's not just Feltz - The BBC have been pretty awful where Johnson is concerned. To say he has often had an easy ride on BBC London News is an understatement.

The low point, however, was the election night itself. As time wore on, and it was clear Boris had won, half the BBC team looked like they were one step away from cracking open the champagne.

One moment stuck out: Nick Robinson on the roof - with a beaming smile on his face - talking to Boris' sister by phone, who was at a party. It wouldn't have surprised me if he asked her if he could over and join in. She name dropped the fact that George Osborne was there, which only seem to excite him more.

In contrast he also talked to Polly Toynbee on the phone, generously giving her about 30 seconds, and looked like he was yawning.

Whoever says the BBC still has a liberal bias is a little deluded.

The Troll said...

Yes the Robinson moment was incredible. In fact the BBC's coverage of election night all round was pretty awful. They cut away from Sian Berry's speech so that we could hear Rachel searching for George Osborne. It was painful.

Riz Lateef is less than impressive as well. Her interviews with Boris have been universally weak.

Tim Donovan's reporting has been pretty good so far though.

Tom said...

"Whoever says the BBC still has a liberal bias is a little deluded."

With Guto Harri cutting his teeth there before joining Boris and Robinson being ex-FCS I take anyone still claiming 'liberal BBC bias' as being automatically mad. Saves time, I find.

That's without the Have I Got News For You and Top Gear ('let's burn Ken Livingstone') ones, too. It's only a bit of fun, of course.

The one that really disappoints so far is Private Eye, which has hardly covered anything to do with Boris, despite a lot of vitriolic anti-Ken stuff before the election from their resident Decent and Islamophobe, Ratbiter. Hell, we've dug up more interesting stories in our spare time than they have in six months.

A casual observer said...

Don't get me started on Ian Hislop.

There was a time during HIGNFY's heyday when Hislop was a decent satirist - any politician was fair game. And at least he tried to hide his political beliefs.

But now that he has reached a stage where he actively defended Cameron on the programme, blatantly encouraged people to vote Johnson, assisted his local Tory party in finding a replacement candidate for Ann Widdecombe, and his attacks on Labour seem completely devoid of any humour at all, I have lost a lot of respect for him.

Then again perhaps it is just my problem:

In the words of my beloved award-winning journalist / comedian, Andrew Gilligan, I should probably cease my "humourless wingeing".

Tom said...

His political colours have always been fairly obviously in the Little England wing of the Conservative Party, particularly if it went to Oxford. There's the age thing, too, of course.

It's probably since Paul Foot went. I read something in it the other day that implied that the Security Services would never lie over something as serious as terrorism. Footie would never have countenanced that sort of nonsense. Have they forgotten the 1970s miscarriages of justice already?