Monday, 1 September 2008

Boris Johnson history 'Criminal' says Ping Pong Heir

Last week the chinese called him rude, his apoointee implied he had 'blood on his hands', and his Tory boss demoted him to the 'slumber slot' at the Tory Conference.

But the fallout from Boris Johnson's latest foray into diplomacy plummeted new depths today as the heir to ping pong slammed Boris's Beijing speech as 'criminal.'

The great grandson of the creator of Ping Pong, John Jaques told Kent News that 'Whiff Whaff' was nothing but a cheap imitation produced to cash in on the original game.

Joe Jacques, Commmercial Director of the world's oldest sports and games manufacturer Jaques of London, told the paper:

“I watched Mr Johnson’s speech on television and I was appalled. It looked like he had carried out some research but not quite enough. 

"It’s criminal really and you would have thought he would be better-informed. What he said is like saying the English invented the Hoover but at the time it was called a Dyson. Mr Hoover would be furious, just as my family is about this mistake.”

Jaques complained to the Mayor's office but received no reply. However, the Mayor told Kent News that: 

"I stand by my assertion that whiff whaff and ping pong are one and the same thing, with the 'whiffs' predating the 'pongs'.

"Regardless of semantics though, it is a sport of which we should be proud and I look forward to watching it in 2012."
But with both the sport's champions and creators now set against him, it will take a bit more than 'semantics' for him to emerge victorious at the London games.

-Update- The Times have followed up the story.


angelneptunestar said...

There was more furore made about Boris's unbuttoned jacket than over some of the gold medals. Now they want to sue him for the Whiff waff speech. Wonderful senses of humour some of the Chinese have got.

The Troll said...

I think you may have misread this Angela. Nobody is threatening to sue, least of all the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

"'Whiff Whaff' was nothing but a cheap imitation produced to cash in on the original game"

Sounds familiar. When are we going to get the imitation Boris Johnson's wheeled out of the CCHQ production line?

Rob said...

A bit of Googling show's there's plenty of accounts contradicting Joe Jacques version of how the game was created. And I think he may have a vested interest in promoting his version, don't you?

This quote from him tickled me though:

“If the mayor is so concerned with the history of the sport, then why has nobody from his office approached the originators and only UK makers of the sport (Jaques of London) and asked about tables for the Olympics yet?”

I'd hope the Mayor's office has more pressing matters to worry about than sourcing sports equipment for the games. 2012 is going to be a bit more than a village fete, after all.

The Troll said...

Indeed he does Rob. Good to see you joining in the fun.

angelneptunestar said...

Adam, I spoke in jest.

Anonymous said...

FT on Boris.

angelneptunestar said...

I read the FT on Boris article and my reaction was, Boris is hugely popular, isn't he and that is bound to be threatening to some of the people in his own party. I am sure that would not include David Cameron, but politicians are notoriously competitive and jealous of each other's success and popularity. People who are totally uninterested in politics absolutely adore BJ, they will listen to what he says and he has a captive audience whenever he appears on t.v. It therefore suits certain people to imply he is a wild card and a bit of a loose cannon, but he isn't. He is just his own man and the proof of the pudding will be how things turn out long term in his Mayoralty.

The Troll said...

My thoughts on the FT article:

Tom said...

"he is a wild card and a bit of a loose cannon, but he isn't."

Er, the question is, is he anything *other* than a wild card and a loose cannon? There's no argument the looseness of his cannon on either side, really, there are *countless* examples, the most recent being the 'broken society' flap.

angelneptunestar said...

Tom, the question you raise isn't a question, because Boris won the election.

The point Adam makes, which is a very good one, is, Boris Johnson won the London Mayor's election, not David Cameron, not Ken, and not Tim Parker.

He therefore deserves a chance to do the job, and he should be left alone to do it, without anyone else dogging his footsteps and saying how they would do it.. they had their chance, (Ken) and without any hot shot businessman telling him what to do (if the conservatives wanted Tim Parker to run City Hall, they should have let him run, win and be democratically elected). Except that Ken would have beat him out of sight. Any fusty old Tory windbag who thinks different should bog off, they were the ones who mucked it up for the Conservatives in the first place, so if they think they can do any better, theybetter take a short sharp reality check.

Boris won that election, and he has earned the dmocratic right to rule. The people have spoken, he was the peoples' choice and let democracy take its course.