Monday, 22 September 2008

Boris paddles away from Malthouse International

Boris Johnson paddled away from his plan to move Heathrow to the Thames Estuary this evening, saying that any new airport would only come 'in addition' to those that already exist.

The Mayor also told the BBC that he was examining a range of solutions and that 'Boris Island' was just one option under consideration.

He suggested that he was now considering expanding existing airports instead. 

In fact after twenty four hours of ridicule and disbelief, the Mayor appears to have gone cold on Malthouse's dream and looks set to make yet another mid-air u-turn.


During the election campaign Boris told supporters that he would neither back expansion of City Airport nor the construction of a new airport in the Thames Gateway.

But after u-turning on both of these pledges, he now looks set to u-turn once again, and this time with decreasingly amusing results.


Tom said...

You see his problem right there - the cutbacks at the GLA mean he only has a single paddle. No wonder he keeps going round in circles.

The locals round here are not going to like the idea of Boris backing airport expansion. I'm just off to break the news to them.

Anonymous said...

He has tried to please everybody and has ended up pleasing nobody.

Welcome to life under Boris.

Helen said...

We locals are revolting.

Rayyan said...

Kit Malhouse, in addition to being an AM, is surely too powerful a figure in the Johnson administration for such a gaffe to lead to his resignation.

So who'll be the next "adviser" to get the sack? My money is on Munira Mirza (no relation). An afficionado of the libertarian nutjobs of the RCP, so like Ron Paul but with none of the populism, she was almost as disappointing to behold at the State of London debate as was Ray Lewis, who despite being only weeks away from resignation at the time, was still banging his "we're not here to give you money/help you" drum.

The Troll said...

Unfortunately I missed the SOL debate, but the general consensus was that it was a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I see Boris is defending his city pals today

Surprised it being the DT, that many of the comments are hostile.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen it, this is from the Daily Mash re Boris's Island

Will said...

Is it me or has 'silly season' just been extended indefinitely?

The Troll said...

It's not you.

vic allen said...

Actually, Boris can afford to put this one on the back-burner, if for the wrong reasons.
The recession, which will probably last a year or two, will reduce air travel, thus taking pressure off Boris. Of course, a good planner would be prepared for coming out of recession so that the only consideration in 2010 would be financing any project.
Behind all these silly ideas, there must be someonw who knows about airports who Boris can ring up?