Thursday, 4 September 2008

Brian Coleman is a Prat says Olympic Gold Medalist

Double Olympic gold winning cyclist Bradley Wiggins has branded multi-gaffe enducing Brian Coleman a 'prat', after he accused Olympians of having the 'blood of Tibetans' on their hands.

Wiggins is just one of three British Olympic sportsmen who have spoken out against Coleman's 'offensive' article written for his local paper last week.

"He's a prat and you can quote me on that. I agree with what he says about the soldiers in Iraq but the rest of it is drivel.

"Since the Olympics things have been really positive and the country has been on a high. But there's always someone who's got something negative to say. He's a prawn sandwich eater in a suit."

Prawn sandwich allegations aside, Wiggins seems to have easily got the measure of the man:

"He's there with his government salary, putting in his expense forms and just coming out with things like that for the sake of having something to say."

Expense Forms? Saying things just for the sake of it? Oh no no Bradley. Please say it isn't so.


Bobbin said...

Any chance we can get a showdown? I'm thinking Jeremy Kyle/ Jerry Springer style here.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord just sack him and be done with it. The man's an embarasment to himself.

angelneptunestar said...

He is very annoying and an irritant, but there isn't anything to sack him for and we live in a free country.

harry said...

It's not a free country- Brian Coleman costs us a fortune

angelneptunestar said...

Harry I know. To be fair, I don't know the exact details, except the amount, and I suppose there could be extenuating circumstances, leaving him in the clear, but on the face of it, it is absolutely appalling.

Many people are angry about Tibet , and before our huge success, there were all sorts of complaints about people going to Beijing. To tarnish the athletes, who are not political, was inexcusable though.