Friday, 26 September 2008

The British National Party writes off 'Red' Boris

The British National Party have abandoned their previous support for Boris Johnson after he told a Muslim newspaper that he is both learning Arabic and studying the Qur’an.

According to a report in this week's edition of The Muslim News: 

"When Johnson found out about his Muslim ancestry, he feels that “with more understanding there would be less conflicts”.

When he found out that his great grandfather knew the Qur’an by heart “I immediately bought the Qur’an and I have been learning Arabic. Actually it is not that difficult as the script. It has very simple alphabets.”

He said he was making progress and to prove it, he recited the kalimah – La ilaha illa Allah. Muhammad Rasulullah (There is no deity except God. Muhammad is His Messenger)."

The BNP are predictably unimpressed:

"London mayor Boris Johnson has given a startling insight into his true political leanings and the shameless way he is prepared to sell out native Londoners to pander to the Islamic vote. His words will also be a stark reminder to those who still believe that David Cameron’s Conservatives intend to sort out the country’s problems.

"In a quite astounding interview, Johnson promised the Muslim News that he would carry on in the footsteps of his predecessor, Ken Livingstone, by supporting the myriad of diversity and equality projects foisted on Londoners by Red Ken."

As ever, the best fun is to be found in the comments:

Never mind fellas. At least your man doesn't mix it with the immigrants and the darkies. Oh wait...


Anonymous said...

'looks like someones slipped some Islamium 210 into his tea'

'nice one crispy -ED'

lol. Where do they find these people?

Kid said...

Looking at that picture, don't you think 'cuddly' Nick Griffin is resembling John Prescott more and more these days?

The Troll said...

A little bit yes, although I don't think Prescott has endorsed Obama just yet.

Anonymous said...

Griffin can at least speak the language...

victor allen said...

Perhaps Boris has realised that the advised strategy on race has failed an dhe needs to invent a new one.
Despite all his stupid offensive comments in the past, I don't think Boris wants to be seen as the standard bearer of the Mail and Express.
If he offends the fascist of the BNP on the other hand, he'll have most of london with him.

Anonymous said...

Beware the SHOWER OF SHARIA! Oh wait...that doesn't even sound even vaguely threatening.

NoToBoris said...

The problem with highlighting the BNP's hostile reaction to Johnson's Muslim News interview is that it gives credibility to his claims about his commitment to diversity, readiness to engage with the Muslim community, respect for the Qur'an etc.

The Muslim News specifically asks Johnson about a July 2004 Spectator article written by his incoming policy director Anthony Browne, which promoted the familiar paranoid right-wing fantasy about a Muslim takeover of the West.

Johnson replies, entirely dishonestly, that Browne's anti-Muslim rant is merely to be categorised among "the kind of slightly careless polemical things people may say in their journalistic capacity".

Moreover, just as offensive as the content of Browne's article was the way it was presented in the Spectator. A standfirst informed readers that "Islam really does want to conquer the world", while the headline "The Muslims are coming" was superimposed on a front-cover photomontage of domes and minarets dominating and crowding out such symbols of "western civilisation" as the Houses of Parliament, the Eiffel Tower and the Acropolis.

As Islamophobia Watch has pointed out, the responsibility for this crap lies not with Browne but with the editor of the Spectator, who at that time was of course Johnson himself.

Nor was this an isolated example of anti-Muslim scaremongering at the Spectator. In November 2005 the magazine - then still under Johnson's editorship - featured a front cover headlined "Eurabian nightmare". The issue contained several articles on the rioting in France - by Rod Liddle ("it was Islam which gave it an identity and also its retrospective raison d'ĂȘtre"), Mark Steyn ("If we continue to accommodate and appease the young, growing Muslim population, Europe will disintegrate") and Patrick Sookhdeo ("Will London burn too?").

If Johnson has changed his mind and now rejects the anti-Muslim bigotry that was a prominent feature of his politics over the years, then all well and good. But he should state openly that he got it wrong and that he now holds different views.

Instead, whenever he is challenged on his record, he just blusters and denies that he ever held such views in the first place.

Which leads one to suspect that he hasn't really rejected those views at all. He's just decided to hide them for reasons of political expediency.