Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Kulveer Ranger invented Oyster claims Standard

The Evening Standard took the imaginative leaps with Kulveer Ranger's CV to an even higher level today by claiming that he had 'virtually' invented the Oyster Card.

Boris Johnson's transport director, who is today tipped by the Tatler as a future Conservative Transport Secretary, was in fact merely a management consultant involved in the implementation team.

The extent of Kulveer's qualifications, which have been widely mis-reported in the press, were inflated even further today by the claim that he was:

"Headhunted by the Mayor after virtually inventing the Oyster card."

Now Ranger (top right) was involved in bringing in the Oyster card it's true, but by no means did he 'invent' it, 'virtually' or otherwise.

Of course there may be some other virtual world (like that of Boris's press releases) where Kulveer played a much bigger role, but in this real world he did not.

-Update 16:20- It has been pointed out to me that in the print edition of today's Evening Standard, Ranger is only referred to as having been "Headhunted by the Mayor after his involvement with the Oyster card." The 'invention' it seems, was only virtual.

-Update 16:28- Now also amended online. My work here is done.


Helen said...

I invented the Shillibeer Horse Bus. Last week.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Ranger's degree in architecture must have been great 'virtual' help with his invention as well.

What is it with this lot and dodgy CVs?

North Briton Hunter said...

One of the others pictured by today's Evening Standard is Mark Clarke. I was at Durham University where he was known by many as 'Slime' because of the way his hand would slide worryingly down the back of women.

He always appeared behind John Major at Tory HQ, on election night 1997, looking sweaty but unjustifiably cheerful.

harold said...

Rather odd of the Standard to make this claim, in particular as they have spent the whole period of its existence headlining its failures, ignoring that Oyster card holders get a better deal, including below inflation price rises over 8 years. Obviously, if it works well, why give Ken the credit?
Does anyone buy the Standard any more, by the way? Does anyone even believe them?
Please let me know if you do as there are some good counselling services I am told

A casual observer said...

"Kulveer's... heroes include Mrs Thatcher and Gandhi"

Brilliant. What a pairing. Could have made a good buddy-movie.

I find it hard to believe that Mark Clarke's mother would have been embarrassed about him being labelled a Conservative. I don't think it would have gone down too badly at Dulwich College and Durham:

"You're a Tory, Mark?... Tarquin! Rupert! Did you hear that? This boy is a toff! Cripes!"

The Troll said...

It has been pointed out to me that the Evening Standard only made the 'invention' mistake on the online edition and that in the print edition he is referred to as:

"Headhunted by the Mayor after his involvement with the Oyster card."

which is of course quite a big difference.

hannah said...

In the same sense as Logie Baird was just involved with televisions, Marconi with wireless, Bell with telephone and Edison with lightbulbs?
Do Standard readers make any critical appraisal of what they read,in any case?

prj45 said...

I buy it, but only for the same reason I might read the Daily Mail, to have a laugh at it's ridiculous partisanship.