Sunday, 28 September 2008

Simon Milton, Dave Hill and John Ross on the BBC

The BBC's Politics Show has become the only programme on television with any half decent coverage from City Hall.

Today's edition has analysis of the Conservatives shaky relationship with Boris Johnson, a contribution from the Guardian's Dave Hill and interviews with Simon Milton and John Ross.

In his interview, Milton confirms that Boris will be bravely fighting crime by cutting the police budget, and vastly improving London's transport by cutting the transport budget.

These admissions did result in this story on the BBC's website. 

However, I think it is fairly safe to assume that 'Crime-fighting Mayor cuts Crime-fighting budget' will not be gracing many of the newspapers tomorrow.

Instead you should probably expect plenty of this, this and of course versions of this.

But if you would rather read about today's biggest news today, then you will need to head back over two months and take a look at this.


prj45 said...

"What about the wine celler".

Couldn't quite work out if the first interviewer was being deliberately obtuse or reading off a crib sheet written by Simon Milton (although Simon Milton wouldn't be that clumsy)...

Will said...

Yeah right do you think Sopel did anything other than read the Daily Telegraph before doing that interview?

Helen said...

I love this quote from Dave about Boris: "This is the Conservative Party, this isn't Nu-Labour, we don't mind if people go off message, we love it actually!"

Or, in other words, incompetent idiots welcome, as long as they're blond and fluffy.

Tom said...

"we don't mind if people go off message"

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, in other words.

Barry Rochford said...

In summarising the comments of John Ross and Simon Milton, it seems that the latter is looking for a strategy and would do well to take note of what John Ross said about running a large government, rather than trying to make petty cuts which amount to nothing. If money for business devlopment is to be left with local councils, then that is bad news and shows lack of strategic planning - exactly why we needed London government in the first place.