Sunday, 28 September 2008

Tories favour Boris over Dave on eve of big speech

Boris Johnson is more popular than even David Cameron amongst Tory activists, a major survey revealed yesterday.

The survey conducted by ConservativeHome, gives Boris a net satisfaction rating of plus 86 per cent, a full three points ahead of his once boss David Cameron.

The result will further fuel the rivalry between the pair, on a day in which Boris Johnson makes his debut conference speech as Mayor.

Boris was originally pencilled in to appear as a 'warm-up' for David Cameron on Wednesday. 

However, his slot has since been moved to today, so as to not overshadow the official star of the show.

In fact the Conservative leadership are said to be so worried by Boris, that there have even been suggestions of deactivating his conference pass straight after his speech.

But with Boris now willing to tell anyone who will listen, that he has his eye on Cameron's job, then it will take more than one humiliating curfew to keep Boris from the party in whose popularity he leads.


Anonymous said...

Well they're both 300% more popular than McBroon so whose bothered?

The Troll said...

err... 'McBroon' I guess.

Well him and 'Jock McBottler'.

Arrf Arrrf!

asquith said...

Well, though I'm not a defender of Camoron, he presumably won't be shedding any tears over that verdict on him, since he has overwhelming support...

But there's little doubt that BoJo is the true face of the Tory Party. His climate change "scepticism", his insistence that we should never bother trying to do anything if it discomforts us (no matter what the long-term consequences), his unfettered Clarksonism (despite the fact that the congestion charge has quite blatantly made transport much easier for motorists as well as other users of the transport network, etc).

He just hasn't got enough self-control to avoid saying what they're all thinking.

& we are seeing the damage he is wreaking now.

The Troll said...

I'm not so sure it won't be getting to him Asquith. For all his faults, Boris is genuinely popular in his party and beyond. Cameron's standing is dependent mainly on the unpopularity of Gordon Brown and Labour. If you look back at what Cameron has said about Boris over the years you will see that it has all been fantastically patronising. The attitude has been 'oh well Boris is Boris' and to just give him a pat on the head, but in reality Boris is both the most powerful and the most popular Tory politician in the country. That can't be comfortable for Cameron.

victor allen said...

Cameron is bound to be riding high ass he hasn't done anything yet and the attitude nationally is 'anyone but Brown'
Boris is another matter and the problems of his regime won't impact on his popularity until the consequences of his policies hit hoe.
Come back in a year, we shall be clearer - one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Maverick politicians are popular until they over reach themselves,

(Newt Gingrich being the obvious example)

All you have to do is wait, they all ways, 'screw up' bigtime!

Tom said...

I have to say the events of the last week (GLA precept freezing and the departures of Bigwell and Worth, which I'm certain are linked) makes big time screwups that much more likely. Not that the faithful will care two hoots of course.