Thursday, 4 September 2008

What other transport cuts will Boris Johnson make?

This week Boris Johnson launched a consultation on the western extension of the congestion charge, saying that he would show 'the utmost respect for the opinions of Londoners.' 

But with signs today that he will ignore the result of a separate consultation on the Cross River Tram, just how much respect does Boris really have for the views of you and me?

Of course Boris had already hinted that there will be some "tough choices" about previously planned transport projects.

He has also promised to make "big efficiencies" at TfL.

But at today's Budget and Performance Committee, Boris made it pretty clear which project would be the most likely to go.

Speaking in response to a question from Brian Coleman, Boris admitted that:

"I am not intending to spend a lot more money on the Cross River Tram."

The project which has already been approved by a public consultation, would serve some of the busiest and most deprived parts of London (see image above).

But if Boris is unwilling to respect the opinions of these Londoners, why exactly should we expect him to respect the opinions of Londoners further West?


Will said...

"why exactly should we expect him to listen to the opinions of Londoners further West?"

Because there's a chance they will vote for them. Lambeth can be forgotten about.

victor allen said...

Look on the bright side. Tha's a few £billion that won't be in the hands of an idiot. Of course he may change his mind and have a horse drawn routemaster from Peckham to King's Cross, but as he has no strategic thinking - just headline gimmicks, anything might happen.

bobbin said...

Just think of all those deprived people travelling through Bloomsbury. We can't be having that now can we? Some of them might get off!

Anonymous said...

This is another case of Brian Coleman causing Boris embarrassment.

Coleman insists "his" residents don’t want it in Camden Town, despite the Tory Councillors, including the Lead member for Transport on Camden Council supporting the project.

If the TRam does get cancelled, Coleman should be hung, drawn and quarted for this alone.

Tom said...

You mean Boris would be agreeing with a loud-mouth rentaquote Tory right-winger on the LA and disagreeing with the local borough councils along the route? I thought he wanted to work with the boroughs and bring value for money to City Hall. Apparently not, he'd rather align himself with Brian Coleman.

Anonymous said...

Coleman's obviously only bothered about the rich people in bloomsbury and hampstead (residents, not the ones on the heath) that voted for him - there's a hell of a lot of people in Somers Town and more deprived parts of camden (whom he "represents") that want the tram and would benefit from the tram...

Anonymous said...

Boris has shown he's just a typical Tory, in that his penny pinching mindset means he'll never achieve any substantial and visionary change to public transport. South London needs the Cross River Tram to Peckham and Brixton and Tramlink should be extended to help relieve the clogged up street through Croydon, Streatham and link up to Cross River Tram at Brixton. Boris has shown he's true colours. Keep the better off areas happy and the poorer boroughs can drown in a cesspit of congestion. Cheers Boris - come back Ken, almost ALL is forgiven!!! Jason in Streatham