Thursday, 11 September 2008

Will Boris Johnson decide to lose Kulveer Ranger?

Senior figures in Boris Johnson's administration believe that Kulveer Ranger should be removed from his position as Director for Transport Policy.

Ranger is seen by some in the Mayor's team as 'over-promoted' and incapable of pushing through the policies promised in the manifesto.

But with the resignations of three of the Mayor's other advisors still fresh in the memory, some believe that it would be just too damaging for anyone else to be forced from their job.

When Ranger was first appointed, it was widely reported that he had been in charge of implementing the Oyster card. 

But with that claim now discredited, some members of the Mayor's senior team believe that Kulveer is simply not up to the job.

Of course today's revelation is likely to be denied by the Mayor and may only serve to strengthen Kulveer's position at City Hall. 

And if he really is up to the job as his allies insist, then he should not allow his colleagues to plot against him any further.

But with other GLA jobs currently under threat, and with transport policy having such a big effect on our daily lives, it is hugely important that the Mayor should be seen to have confidence in his man.


ch paul said...

I have no reason to doubt his competence, but if Boris's recruitment policy was as slack with Ranger as it was with some of the other recruits then I wouldn't be surprised if he had been put out of his depth. It's not Kulveer's fault though of course.

Bobbin said...

He won't be going nowhere. They'll just get some stooges in to do his job for him.

Kulveer will probably stay as well.

barry rochford said...

I think there's a need to look at this seriously as TfL had a dreadful record, even in the first part of Ken's administration of keeping Sikh employees out of senior management. It would be an indicment of more than just Boris if Ranger was demoted or sacked.
Having looked at his record pre-Boris, there is nothing to suggest that he wasn't up to the job on the technical side - the problem is TfL is not simply an engineering job and requires someone who understands much more than computer technology.
But then again you also need a mayor who understands how to run London.

Tom said...

Then again, if it's a tossup between Ranger and Browne who sacrifices their salary for the good of their party, it's bye-bye Browney every time.

The Fact Compiler said...

In transport circles he is a complete unknown.

In the words of Kitty Muggeridge "He rose without a trace."

Tom said...

For those of you (all?) who don't read it, The Fact Compiler runs a blog called Railway Eye, which is Guido Fawkes in an anorak. I think it's great.

I hope it's not too sycophantic to post his/her original post on Ranger, which went straight onto my pile of 'hang on, there's something not quite kosher about this appointment' evidence.

Oh, and this one, for the Moylan comment:

I'll get my anorak.

The Troll said...

Well Kudos to you Fact Compiler. I believe you're not the only one to have had that reaction.

Helen said...

Do we think Kulveer's CV required any content other than Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party?

I'm reminded of Mrs Merton's questioning to Debbie McGee: "What was it that first attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels?"

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Ranger is doing a great job, keep up the good work!!