Thursday, 2 October 2008

Andrew Gilligan pleads for Boris to scrap C-Charge

In case you hadn't noticed, Andrew Gilligan has spent his week trying to 'get' the Western extension of the Congestion Charge.

First he went for Boris:

Then he went for the bureaucrats:

And now he's gone for Boris again:

Now I hate to be the one to have to break this to you Andrew, but I just don't think Boris is listening any more. 

In fact I'm pretty sure he stopped listening to you round about the time he won the election.

And if you don't believe me, then just ask the 'Tory member of the London Assembly' who you quote in your first article. 

I mean if even he is struggling to be listened to, then what chance has a newspaper columnist and one-time journalist like yourself got?

Of course it may be the unthinkable happens and Boris actually keeps one of his promises and scraps the extension.

But with even the Standard conceding that the consultation is likely to bring back mixed results, then on exactly which will leg will he then stand if he simply rejects those findings out of hand?


prj45 said...

What's this "Test" Gilligan keeps reffering to?

Is it implementing ridiculous pre-election promises and pledges despite them being patently unworkable in the cold light of day?

Looking forward to what Gilligan is going to do when Boris says he's keeping the bendys!

The Troll said...

"What's this "Test" Gilligan keeps reffering to?"

I believe it's the 'will he do as he's told' test.

Tom said...

It is more evidence for the goal of the Bendy Jihadists being to erode and scrap the CC, of course. Although Gilligan, being on a bicycle, benefits from the CC. Mind you, consistency never was his game.

vic allen said...

Gilligan writes a lot and understands little. Boris doesn't have to pass any test, least of all those set by Gilligan.
The voters of Kensington are not going to vote for Labour whatever Boris does, so if Boris pleases them by scrapping the charge, he has to find the money from elsewhere. As he's closed off the Caracas route by being ill advised by the ideologues he appointed, Boris knows he can't afford to lose any more money makers.
Boris is a cleverer politician than some of the idiots who ahve advised him before.
Have you noticed how much more sound his admin has looked since Simon Milton's competence has taken over?
I think we're in for a period of real politics with Boris for a while and even some competence.
Well, with me saying that he might come up with some barking ideas about airports tomorrow, so I'd better be careful what I say.

angelneptunestar said...

Boris joked that the reason you guys give Andrew Gilligan such a tough time is because Andrew isn't good looking! There is gratitude for you!

Still, Gilligan is getting his ideas from your pages Adam. He must be a broken man.....

The Troll said...

When did he say that?

Tom said...

Isn't Thursday the day the man comes round to refill the metal polish tank at Angela Towers?

We give Gilligan a bad time because he's a berk, in the true and classic meaning of the term. Public discourse is generally improved by exposing berks for what they are. Berks.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Ken groupies "give Gilligan a bad time" because he played a big role in exposing your hero as a fraud and his policies as worthless?

The Troll said...

( /Kenspiraloon )

Tom said...

Going to tell us who you are yet, Anonymous? Until you achieve the level of openness Adam and myself do (of letting our real names be known) there's no point you posting on here, really. Sorry, and all that, but the ball's in your court.