Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Boris Johnson: when you're in a hole keep digging

Boris Johnson writing today in the Daily Telegraph:

"When we look at our options, and you think of the lasting benefits of infrastructure investment, you can see that even in little old Britain we have some stunning opportunities, of a scale not seen for a generation.

"There is Crossrail, 75 miles of track finally providing a link between Heathrow and the City and a staggering 10 per cent increase in London's transport capacity. There are upgrades of the Tube, massive investments in track, signalling and air conditioning, vital to the future liveability of Europe's greatest city."

'Jamie' replying today in the Daily Telegraph:

Shh Jamie. I'm not sure he's worked that one out yet. 


Tom said...

Perhaps even Boris realises that Crossrail is a fully planned project with tunnel designs, station plans, land acquisition powers, construction schedules etc. all ready to go, while Boris International is a few lines on a spit-flecked map owned by Kit Malthouse?

In which case can we please drop it and make sure Crossrail happens, ffs.

Anonymous said...

Say what you like about Boris he certainly knows how to draw out the whackos:

"Maybe Boris is completely wrong. Maybe the best thing that could happen to the UK is if the Thames barrier failed and London was completely and permanently flooded. The UK would then be forced to consider an alternative way to generate income rather than by gambling!
Posted by J.J.Rambo on October 14, 2008 11:48 AM"

Not quite with you there Rambo.

"Stealing from those who earn and giving to those who don't is uncivilized and deadly...Kill the parasites and their legal mafia.
Posted by T.KT on October 14, 2008 11:36 AM"


"Black widows set to establish colonies in Britain as climate changes, experts warn " DT WEBSITE 14/10/08


I think it's best to leave Boris to his fans.

prj45 said...

That's the first thing I thought when I read that line.

What a plonker.

angelneptunestar said...

Reading this article is like being set in concrete. I find it hard to believe he actually wrote it, because it is so so boring, and Boris is not boring. His last article on the economy was boring as well. (Maybe it is just that I don't understand the economy.)

But I do find it very hard to believe that Boris is writing these articles, because I thought this sort of stuff was not his forte. I thought he knew zilch about financial stuff.

The Troll said...

I have to say I'm not sure the Telegraph will be willing to carry on paying him £250,000 a year if he carries on like this.

Tom said...

Don't worry, they'll soon have the opportunity to replace him with Sarah Palin, who'll be much more in tune with the nutjobs.

angelneptunestar said...

Tom I do agree with you there. Sarah Palin is anathema to me and totally in tune with the nutjobs.

I am sure Boris did write the articles, I was wrong to imply he didn't, but I stick to the point that these articles are not his best work. (or am I just dumb?)

victor allen said...

angelneptunestar - you're not dumb, just wrong to be so defensive about Boris all the time. Boris as a neo-liberal in the world of economics must be completely lost as even right-wing republicans are supporting nationalisation of financial institutions, proof indeed that the financial gurus of the Thatcher era and beyond are finished.
Perhaps we await Boris the Keynsian emerging?

angelneptunestar said...

Victor thank you that is sweet. Could you do me a huge favour? what IS Keynsian?

angelneptunestar said...

"The state, according to Keynesian economics, can stimulate economic growth and improve stability in the private sector - through, for example, interest rates, taxation and public projects." Wikipedia.

So this is what we have had for the past decade, but now it isn't working?

Tom said...

"So this is what we have had for the past decade, but now it isn't working?"

It's what we've had in London to a large extent, but nationally and internationally Keynes has been very much out of fashion for 30 years or so, with Boris and friends trumpeting how low taxes and lax regulation would lead to the rise of a world-class array of entreprenuerial talent in the financial sector whose blessings would magically 'trickle' downwards to the less well off.

What actually happened is that these guys, knowing no one was watching, took as much short term loot as possible, stashed it offshore to avoid even the tiny amounts of tax they'd pay, spent the rest on champers and yachts and the poor carried on getting poorer and less socially mobile, which is what quite a lot of people predicted, but were told they were leftist dinosaurs and communists by the usual suspects.

Boris was cheering them on, because the people he was sucking up to at the time were the people benefitting. There you have the Tory dilemma in a nutshell - they're funded by the guys who do very well out of deregulation, thanks, but are trying to get elected in an environment where I think most people now realise that a bit of beefing up is required in the regulatory department.

angelneptunestar said...

Tom thanks for this. I have photocopied it to mull over at my leisure.

The Troll said...

You photocopied the screen?

angelneptunestar said...

You do enjoy driving people crazy don't you Adam! I whatdyacallit, printed off the comment.

angelneptunestar said...

Tom, surely it is stretching things a bit to blame Boris for the financial crisis? He was an editor and journalist until 6 months ago. It is Gordon who has been in charge and it is Gordon who has made it necessary for a bank bail out (when some countries like Canada didn't even NEED a bank bail out) of 19% of our GDP. Even the US bail out was only 5% of their GDP. Ken ruled London for 8 years, if anyone is to blame, surely they share a far larger portion of the blame than Boris did?

If this is Gordon's triumph, I'd hate to see a disaster! He has been throwing out money around like water and I agree with the psychologist who said he is chronically insecure and massive spending boosts his self esteem.

Tom said...

Where did I blame Boris? I merely mentioned that in his career as a journalist and politician he's expressly chosen to suck up and fawn over precisely the greedy bankers and financial wizards whose handiwork is lying smashed all over the shop. Nothing unusual for that in an aspiring right-wing Conservative, of course - you've got to support the concentration of power and money into the elite to join the club, since that's what it's there for. We've long since concluded that you can't believe a word he wrote when he was singing for his supper and what matters is what he says now.

The crime of sucking up to the rich is true of Gordon Brown and David Cameron too, but not of course Ken Livingstone whose long standing view that we should decouple ourselves from US-centric policies and realign towards rising economies in Brazil, India, China etc. is looking a good bet. In fact, if you want to rank our movers and shakers in order of 'who Got It first', it's Ken, Vince Cable and Gordon Brown out in front, with Dave Cameron bringing up the rear. George Osborne fell at the first fence. Boris is demanding continuing high levels of public spending along with less taxation, so I'm not sure he understands basic economics enough to be in a position to Get It in the first place. No wonder Ali and Gordo are keeping the purse strings closed when he asks for extra cash - they can even point to David Cameron saying we should stop overheating the South, which would put the cat among the Tory pigeons.

Oh, and if you choose to trust the opinions of a 'psychologist' whose diagnosis wasn't done in the presence of the subject but was done on TV, you're mental. Arf. Anyway, Boris was calling for a new New Deal the other day, so what price his self esteem?

angelneptunestar said...

Topm of course I trust the psychologist. I also do Gordon's horoscope and believe that.

What I don't believe is that Gordon Brown is not responsible (mainly) for the mess we are in, I don't trust him to get us out of it and speaking as a friend and not one of the demons in his head who advises him, I think he should call an election pronto before he goes start staring mad.