Friday, 3 October 2008

Boris sought indefinite delay to replacing Ian Blair

Boris Johnson 's power play looked set to backfire today, after it was revealed he had intended to delay any replacement to Ian Blair until after the election of a Conservative government.

The extraordinary decision to leave London and national policing in a state of indefinite limbo, was revealed by the Guardian this morning, and will sabotage any positive coverage his move may have received.

According to the report, Boris told Blair that:

"We don't want a successor appointed. We will have an acting arrangement until a Conservative home secretary arrives."

Quite what this acting relationship would involve is anyone's guess. But what is certain is that it flies directly in the face of the judgement of Boris's once-boss David Cameron. 

Cameron, who only three days ago spoke out against removing Blair, had told the BBC:

"On the one hand we want greater accountability, and some of that goes through the mayor. We want that, that's important for Londoners,",

"But on the other hand we have got to answer the question 'does terrorism stay with the Met?' Is change, is that big upheaval, the right thing to do when we are facing a terrorist threat?"

It turns out his answer to this was a resounding yes.


will said...

It's clear now that all pretence that Boris cares about looking after London is a charade.
All he cares about is the politics of being mayor and then going onto being Prime minister. It's just a shame that we all have to sit and watch while he swings his dick about.

The Troll said...

(shuts out mental image)

prj45 said...

Oooo, that's got to be an ugly one as well don't you think; he's no looker up top for a start.

angelneptunestar said...

Boris has had loads of positive coverage, in fact three quarters of the press are behind him.

The only paper not behind him is the gloom and doom Guardian and the Ghost of Christmas pissed, Ken Livingstone. I knew it wouldn't be long before his sephulchral tones were dinning our our drums, as he slags off his nemesis.

The Troll said...


Helen said...

"...and acting arrangement" - you mean a situation where nobody knows who's in charge of what, Boris, hmm?