Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Boris's Bendy Bus Jihad: the smog of war

The Liberal Democrats today warned Londoners could become 'victims of Boris's obsession' after it became clear that replacing bendy buses will significantly increase pollution in the capital.

In a written answer to the Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon, the Mayor insisted that COlevels will 'not change significantly' when bendy buses are replaced.

However, analysis of Boris Johnson's own figures shows that replacing bendies with conventional double deckers would require an extra 189 buses on the road in order to meet current capacity.

This would lead to an estimated 13% increase in CO2 emissions across those routes.

If you factor in current plans to serve some of those routes with single decker buses instead, then the increases are likely to be higher.

Caroline Pidgeon said earlier today:

"Mayor Johnson’s plans to bring in the new Routemaster-style bus will increase harmful emissions at a time when everyone else is trying to bring them down.

“Londoners must not become the victims of Boris’ obsession with meeting his pledge in time for the next election. The new hybrid or fuel-cell Routemaster is a great idea, but pollution must not get worse in the meantime."

London is currently under the threat of  unlimited fines for it's poor air quality.

With that in mind Pidgeon suggests that phasing out bendy buses should be delayed until a more clean and efficient alternative is produced:

“If the Mayor is serious about climate change and reducing pollution, he’ll wait until his new hybrid or fuel-cell Routemaster is ready for service.

"Otherwise, we’ll either have more diesel fumes churned out, or not enough buses to meet demand, with packed buses sailing past commuters at bus stops.”

So how about it Boris? Are you willing stay your hand from the Bendy Jihad?

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Image by: Beau Bo D'or


Tom said...

This is interesting because the Lib Dems were fully on-board with the Bendy Jihad during the election. They seem to have had a welcome rethink in the light of the evidence, and good for them.

Boris's green arguments for debendification are already looking threadbare, and they're only a week old.

The Troll said...

Yes they were weren't they. Mind you it looks like they weren't the only ones. Wolmar called thema menace, something that hasn't been borne out by the facts.

Still, we all live and learn I guess.

Anonymous said...

The suggestion made here yesterday that bendy buses and new routemasters should be kept needs to be considered. The facts increasingly show that bendies are the most efficient means of getting people about on certain routes. Why not keep these 'heritage' bendies in service and still bring in what will probably be the more popular Routemasters as well?

Will said...

Er, could the reason the Liberal Democrats were against bendies before have anything to do with the fact that they were electioneering then and don't need to now? Just a thought.

Eveyone knows the Lib Dems say whatever the person they're talking to at the time wants to hear.

Anonymous said...

Take that, bendy-lovers!