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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Guido Fawkes thinks twice about child killer smear

From a hastily withdrawn blog post on Guy Fawkes blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy:

You can't take the law into your own hands they say, but when the law fails to protect innocent children, many people including Guido, will say justice was done. Searching for the perpertrator of this crime is a waste of police time and taxpayer's money. Will the outcome of this trial be better justice?

Who knows? Will your next attempt to associate Gordon Brown with a child-killing pervert be any more successful, or funny? 

Or was using the horrific death of somebody else's child, to score a laugh, too low for even you to stomach?

-Update- Paul Staines says he is sweet and innocent.
-Update- And then decides to go all anonymous.


Guido Fawkes said...


Where was the "attempt to associate Gordon Brown with a child killing pervert"? Are you just making things up? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I pressed publish before it was ready, it'll be published later as a longer piece. So consider yourself lucky to have gotten a sneek preview.

The Troll said...

So it was just pure coincidence that your interest in the story happened to coincide with the fact that he was called Gordon Boon then?

Come on Paul, you don't really expect anyone to believe that do you?

Guido Fawkes said...

Thanks for pointing that out. Actually hadn't noticed, not that you will believe me.

The Troll said...


Will said...

To be fair he is well known for his considered opinions on the inequities of the criminal justice system!


angelneptunestar said...

I read the article in the Sun about this murder, and I must say, if i had to protect a child from a pervert and I had a gun in my hand, I would do what I had to do.

I believe they should bring back the death penalty for anyone who abuses a child and that is the only thing there should be a death penalty for.

Anonymous said...

You might take a moment to reflect on the more likely reason why Guido hastily unpublished the blog post.

The second case is still ongoing. As a "journalist" you will no doubt have been trained to recognise the dangers of contempt of court.

Penny dropped?

The Troll said...

So you're accusing Paul Staines of contempt of court now?

How anonymously brave of you.

The Troll said...

From my webstats it looks like 'anonymous' is actually Paul Staines himself.

Smearing, denial, evasion and anonymous trolling. You're not painting a great picture of yourself Paul.

prj45 said...

angelneptunestar : "I believe they should bring back the death penalty for anyone who abuses a child"

Then you have to concede that some innocent people will die.

Also, sexual abuse is primarily undertaken by the father, what does that lead to in your world?

And you say anyone? What about a 16 year old boy that sleeps with a 15 year old girl? That's sexual abuse, statutory rape in fact.

What's more do you really want the judicial machine and the NHS involved in actively killing people? Who pushes the buttons? How do you force a doctor to perform a lethal injection? How does the doctor do this without seriously compromising their promise to make people well?

Also it has been shown that a jury is far less likely to read out a guilty verdict if it thinks the accused will be subjected to the death penalty.

I'm of the strong belief that Harold Shipman was a product of people asking him to "help" their terminally ill parents.

Captial punishement is a whole world of hurt.

As is vigilantism.

And I'm not defending peados here, but you've got to concede that many didn't have a fair start in life, more often than not being seriously abused themselves.

angelneptunestar said...

There was a case in the paper - I think it is ongoing - about a man who allegedly broke the back of his girlfriend's baby girl, who died. He had been abusing and hurting her for months. I was thinking of that sort of case.

Paedophiles who abduct small children like Madeleine (if that is what happened to her) do not deserve to live in my opinion.

Rob said...

Oh dear, Guido seems to have publicly made a bit of a tit of himself again. I think it's starting to become habit forming for him.

angelneptunestar said...

People have recommended Guido's posts to me but I have never had time to look at his website. Maybe I am not missing much.....

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Paul is indeed a massive, swollen tit, as is angelneptunestar by the looks of things who advocates the death penalty for child killers/sex offenders but not adult killers/sex offenders.

I think it's best we don't do capital punishment at all and leave it at that...

Tim said...

I note that we're still waiting for the longer piece.

Chris Paul said...

Well, he has repeated the vigilante call and the link to the pervert / paedo Gordon Boon ... turning it from NOT contempt of court to TOTAL contempt for everything else. Blears would probably say: Nihilist.

Jez Barnes said...

Staines is obviously (as he would put it) a total c***t. Hazel Blears was absolutely right- 'opinions' of people like him are dangerous and corrosive. The sooner we can get kick them off the internet the better.