Wednesday, 1 October 2008

It's time to all wake up from your Fantasy Airport

From yesterday's Independent editorial:

"London's mayor, Boris Johnson, has shown the way by reviving the idea of a brand new airport for London in the Thames estuary. That his musings were at once dismissed as unrealisable or undesirable could have been predicted. Formidable vested interests are tied up in the status quo. But it is precisely such fearless, big-picture thinking that is required. After all, whose interests are served by having so much prime development land close to London occupied by an ever-expanding airport? Why should aircraft noise blight so many densely populated urban areas, and how safe is it for so many planes to traverse greater London every hour?"

Now I really didn't want to have to go over this again, but this has been going on for far too long and I just have to bring it to an end. 

Let's run through the main facts first:
  1. David Cameron is against the airport 
  2. Theresa Villiers is against the airport 
  3. Kent County Council are against the airport 
  4. Marginal seats in North Kent are against the airport

Okay, now onto the secondary, if no less important facts:

     4. People also live outside of West London
     5. Boris is not planning on closing Heathrow 
     6. Even if he was, planes don't just fly East.

Right, are we done now? Can we just scrap the feasibility study and get on with our lives?


Barry Rochford said...

So much for big picture. All planners in terms of London expansion look to expanding eastwards - from Heseltine in the 90's till Livingstone more recently. The Thames Estuary was the main focus. (rightly or wrongly). As it seems to be a more viable development, especially with the olympics (which Boris seems to suddenly own as if he's just woken up on Christmas morning), any airport in that area would impact directly with the people soon to be living there.
Strangely, the Tories high speed train which probably won't happen is much more strategically sensible than Boris Island.

Chris said...

So he's still going on with the feasibility study? What sort of 'value for money is that?'

Tom said...

Don't you know anything? Vanity projects don't count towards value for money. It's a rule I've just made up.

Dave Cole said...

More people live to the west of London than the east. Beside that, a new airport to the east of London would require new train lines, a new tube or DLR and improvements to roads in the area. Worth remembering that the Dartford Crossings are overloaded as things stand.


Chris said...

Can somebody find out how much the feasibility study will cost?

Alternatively can I suggest downsizing it to a five minute phone call to David Cameron, or a ten minute look at a map?

We have to tighten belts after all.