Monday, 6 October 2008

Kit Malthouse on inflation-busting allowance rise

The Metropolitan Police Authority today awarded their Vice chairman and Boris Johnson's Deputy Kit Malthouse, a whopping 44% increase in his basic MPA allowance.

Malthouse will now take a £55,000 allowance from the MPA on top of his £53,543 joint Deputy Mayor and Assembly Member salary.

He justified the raise by claiming that he will do the job full-time, five days a week. 

However, as he is already employed as an Assembly member and as Boris Johnson's deputy, it is not clear where these five extra days will be found.

Speaking to BBC London, fellow member of the MPA Jenny Jones said:

"It looks very greedy to me. I think that if you are getting paid for three jobs, you should do three jobs and I think that is absolutely impossible. To me this is snouts in the trough and I just find it very unacceptable."

The MPA allowance would have ordinarily gone to the Chairman but under MPA rules it has been diverted to Kit Malthouse instead because the Chairman is now the Mayor.

Under a change in the law, all Assembly Members who are also members of the police authority can now draw a separate allowance.

However, the last Chair of the MPA Len Duvall did not claim any allowance when the law changed in May.

Testing Times
Boris Johnson is said to have asked the MPA to find £18 million pounds worth of savings and at today's meeting Kit Malthouse said that they had been through a 'very testing budget round'.

But with members of the authority today approving a total of £191,610 in extra allowances to themselves, then things are only likely to get more testing still.

-Update- BBC London report on the story


Chris said...

It wouldn't be so bad if he was actually doing the job rather than, oh I don't know, planning fantasy airports.

Anonymous said...

So much for our 'value for money mayor'!

prj45 said...

I'm off to open a pie shop next to City Hall..

victor allen said...

Glad to see Boris is working overtime to see we get value for money.

Anonymous said...

Len Duvall didn't get any extra. Until the law was changed this May, Assembly members who also sat on the MPA were'nt entitled to any extra payment/salary.

The Troll said...

As I understand it Assembly members didn't get an allowance but the Chairman did get an allowance of £37,979, at least between May and now.

victor allen said...

Whatever the rules before, I am delighted to see that Boris is ensuring that public spirited servants are being adequately rewarded. I'm sure thge voters in Bexley and Bromley will see that this is value for money.

The Troll said...

The Labour group have been in touch to say that Len Duvall did not claim any allowance during his time aas Chair. I have corrected the article.