Friday, 3 October 2008

Melanie Phillips on the resignation of Sir Ian Blair

Melanie Phillips on autopilot:

"Sir Ian is merely the most extreme example of a sickness that has crippled the police way beyond the Met.

"Instead of protecting the public against bullying and injustice, the police have been turned by their Chief Commissioner into an instrument of bullying and injustice.

"Law-abiding folk find themselves harassed and even prosecuted, while the police look the other way from miscreants who tick boxes marked 'diversity' or 'disadvantaged'.

"What people want is a police chief who is not a politicised stooge spouting the gibberish he learned in a university arts or social science department, not some posturing peacock playing to the political or fashionable gallery, but an officer who will prevent crime, promote public tranquillity and bring criminals to justice."

...and she goes back in her box.


prj45 said...

What most swivel eye'd righties refer to as political correctness is just plain correctness.

What they actually want is political correctness, but from their political standpoint.

The Troll said...

You put it as well as I have heard it prj45.

Tony said...

Now the lobbying begins. I wonder who the Daily Mail candidate will be.

Tom said...


septicisle said...

The funny thing is that I should imagine La Phillips probably quite liked him for the reasons we lefties loathed him: his constant scaremongering about terrorism, his support for ID cards and whatever detention limit without charge for "terrorist suspects" was being proposed that week, his refusal to accept any blame for the execution of an innocent man on the tube. Instead she focuses on the fact that he tried to make the police force more representative of the actual people they served. It's almost like she's living in bizarro world.