Friday, 3 October 2008

Richard Barnbrook - Cop Slayer

Now everyone knows that the British National Party's Richard Barnbrook lives in a world of his own but this has just got ridiculous.

"Sir Ian Blair -  the real reason"

"You see on December 12th, Sir Ian Blair had a looming date with destiny. On that day he would have been summoned before the GLA and forced to sit there as Assembly Members were free to fire questions at him like a fish in a barrel...

"Sir Ian would have known about this forthcoming appointment, when for the first time in his career, he would have to explain the logic behind his multicultural extremism and in so doing expose the virulently anti-white nature of his great crusade against “racism”.

Can somebody send in some help for him please?


Anonymous said...

Barncake strikes again. Nurse!

Roger Evans said...

Those of us who went through the Livingstone days know that Sir Ian would not find AMs 'firing questions at him like a fish in a barrel' a new experience. It happened regularly and on one occasion a motion of no confidence was moved.

angelneptunestar said...

I wonder when the voices in Barnbrook's head will link up with the voices he hears in the ordinary world.

The Troll said...

"Those of us who went through the Livingstone days know that Sir Ian would not find AMs 'firing questions at him like a fish in a barrel' a new experience."

Well exactly. I do wonder whether Barnbrook actually believes any of this stuff about himself. On balance I think he probably does, but it must be hard to have to work with the man and keep a straight face.

Helen said...

Just tell him about this:

prj45 said...

"A BNP spokesman said: 'We think what police officers do in their own time is up to them'"

For example posting envelopes full of s**t through brown people's letterboxes is a suitable spare time hobby for an officer of the law?

Tom said...

I do occasionally wonder if Barnbrook isn't a plant from some achingly funny secret Channel 4 reality show along the lines of Space Cadets or Chantelle on Big Brother - 'All you have to do, Richard, is sit in City Hall for six months with nobody realising you're a fake and you'll win a Ford Focus'.

'firing questions at him like fish in a barrel'?

That reads to me as if the fish are doing the shooting. Perhaps it's official BNP policy to arm British fish so they can shoot up foreign trawlers? I'm voting Monster Raving Loony.

prj45 said...

And in that article Barnbrook asserts that Jean charles de Menezes was an illegal immigrant.

Wikipedia says:

"during the course of the criminal trial into the Health and Safety charge showed that Mr Menezes was lawfully in the country on 22 July 2005"

Anonymous said...

Astounding bigotry here. I'm no BNP supporter but most of what I see here borders on the mentally ill. He left the 'tory party didn't he?

His only mistake was to assume this was Sir Ian's FIRST call to the GLA where Barnbrook would of Nailed him with those typical BNP questions that cannot be argued neatly away.

Menezes was granted "refugee" status. Can't think why.

What really galls me beyond belief over Barnbrooks abberation of fact was the cops who killed Menezes.. If he was a bomber then how in Gods name did they know he didn't have a "dead mans switch" in his hand?

Those cops need sacking and their handlers need sacking too. how many times have cops killed a culpable perp? They are the joker in this pack.

Love or loathe Barnbrook. All the other parties are too quiet and in for the ride.

Shame on you. hahaha.

The Troll said...