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Friday, 24 October 2008

Tory Troll is on Holiday

Normal posting will be down until the middle of next week as I'm off to Malta for a few days.

Hopefully the international monetary system won't entirely collapse while I'm gone and I will be able to catch a flight back on Wednesday.

In the meantime the best other places to keep up to date can be found here and here. I will pick up any emails as soon as I can.

I will check back with you all soon. Tada for now...


asquith said...


The Troll said...

Guilty I'm afraid. No billionaires or yachts were involved though. Just a short visit to some family.

Harold said...

Come on, we all know you have a Russian Aunty with a yacht moored off Corfu. We all know you were the go-between who spun Mandelson's story to undermine that poor Mr Osborne.
Don't deny it as Gilligan will find out then you'll be sorry!

The Troll said...

My cover's been blown! Was it my name that gave it away?