Monday, 6 October 2008

Weird ideological positions, and a science fiction

I'm off now to see Boris chair the MPA. In the meantime you should take a look at his interview from yesterday's Politics Show on the BBC (via Mr. S.B.) Point of interest: he's still set on Boris Island, which is a surprise. I thought we had all sucked that lemon dry.


barry rochford said...

Sometimes you wonder if Boris is real or if he's actually the main character from Peter Sellers' 'Being There'. He may be able to speak Plain Latin, but Plain English eludes him. Economics is certainly not well taught at Eton!
Then you realise he is trying to grapple with a problem - namely how to resolve the financial crisis and the need for state intervention. What he hasn't concluded is how the markets and his neo-liberal ideology has failed, and the very people he perpetually derides - the Chinese have got it right (economically, not politically) in that they can invest in their economy.
Boris needs to invest £billions in London to be a success. His plicies will fail him.

Helen said...

Good move, make sure papers aren't circulated to your committee beforehand so you can spring things on them!

The Troll said...

My report on today's meeting.