Saturday, 8 November 2008

Boris Johnson: People's Question Time in Bromley

Via Goebbels' blog I see that LBC have put the webcast of this week's People's Question Time up.

I've tried to embed it here, but repeated attempts have repeatedly crashed my computer.

Repeated attempts to take Boris seriously have also repeatedly crashed my patience.

If you haven't quite got the patience to sit through it then you can read a good summary of the proceedings by the Bromley Times here.

But if your patience is longer than mine, then you can calmly listen to the full two hours of fist-chewing, hair-tearing, disingenuous bluster here.


Helen said...

It would be difficult to imagine a more fatuous statement than this: "Like with banks, if we believe our money is safe then it will be. If we believe our streets are safe they will be."

The Troll said...

Yes I noticed that one as well. It's the R Kelly approach to governance.

Tom said...

As it happens, he's right that believing something (or having confidence in it) is a good thing. What he's no bloody good at is realising the *other* requirements, such as good design, investment, maintenance, hiring good people, regulation, oversight etc. are just as important. There's a pattern here - he seems to ignore aspects of problems that are a) expensive or b) outside his Spectator-right world view.

Alex said...

As the Melody Maker's "Mr Agreeable" put it: "You believe you can fly, Kelly? Fly, motherfucker, fly! Off the top of that car park!"

Tom said...

Nothing inherently wrong with that, Alex. Of course, Boris wouldn't think of, say, investing in a hang-glider first, as a sensible human being would. After all, it might cost money.