Monday, 10 November 2008

Boris Johnson gets one copper for the price of two

Boris Johnson's has agreed to pay Sir Ian Blair for another two years of service despite the fact that he is due to stand down in three weeks time.

The deal, thought to be worth £400,000 comes after it was revealed that the Mayor had sought no legal advice before ousting the Met Commissioner. 

The Metropolitan Police Authority Chief Executive Catherine Crawford agreed the pay-out in consultation with the Mayor, his Deputy for Police and two other members of the MPA.

Fellow MPA member Jenny Jones said Londoners had been left:

"paying for two police commissioners but only getting the services of one.

"If the Mayor had consulted other parts of London Government about both the original decision to dismiss Sir Ian and the subsequent decision to compensate him, we probably wouldn’t be in this situation."

The job of replacing the ousted Commissioner is descending into farce with acres of speculation emerging daily before a job advertisement was even placed.

But with it becoming increasingly clear that Boris sought neither legal nor professional advice before ousting Sir Ian Blair, his one moment of mayoral bravado is becoming one momentous and expensive mess.


Lib Dem AM Dee Doocey (press release) said...

"I can see no reason whatsoever to pay off somebody who has resigned. I can see even less reason to pay them bonuses that they might have been entitled to in the next year or so."

"If any other employee told their boss they were resigning, there would be absolutely no question of them being given a payoff, let alone a bonus. Why should there be one rule for the chief of police and another for every other worker?"

"In this economic climate it is frankly a disgrace that this is even being considered."

Anonymous said...

I for one was glad to see Blair gone. Boris did what Livingstone should have done years ago. Having said that he doesn't seem to have thought through how he was going to do it and it looks like he was just winging it.

Tom said...

Two words - 'constructive dismissal'. Boris *really* doesn't want to go up against Sir Ian in court, and lose. The price for Johnson avoiding embarassment is £400,000.

pastyface said...

Ahh as we didn't need it Boris provides us with more evidence that he's an arrogant idiot. Lucky us

The Troll said...

It does seem like some kind of deal was made. If it was then it blows apart any claim that this was done purely for the good of Londoners. Whether you think he should have stayed or not (and it was clear he had to go at some point) it's hard to argue that Boris hasn't made a complete hash of this.

Anonymous said...

This would appear to be the worst of all worlds. The Met haven't been held to account for the death of de Menezes, we don't know whether Blair was actually getting rid of the culture of racism at the Met, and Blair gets paid for 2 years for doing nothing. I presume that it transpired that "political correctness" is not grounds for dismissal!