Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Cadburys, the Olympics and flat-earth politicians

"I'm quite partial to a bit of Dairy Milk" began Brian Coleman surprising nobody, "but how does it fit in with the healthy agenda that the Olympic Games were meant to promote?"

Now I'm also quite partial to a piece of Dairy Milk and not in any way partial to a piece of Brian Coleman, but I have to admit that he has a point here.

How exactly is using the worlds biggest set of sporting events, as a platform for the promotion of the artery-clogging products of Cadbury-Schweppes, a good idea?

Speaking to Sebastian Coe at City Hall this morning, Coleman continued:

"Isn't the truth of the situation that with the economic climate as it is you are just desperate for any sponsorship you can get and all the high-flying ideas about getting the nation fit have just gone out of the window."

Well the short answer is yes. In an ideal world the Olympics would only be sponsored by sports equipment firms and Golden Delicious Apples, but in the real world, Locog have to take what they can get.

And hey, why not look on the bright side? Labour's John Biggs was:

"It is always nice to follow the flat earth wing of the Tory party"

"but would you not agree that a different interpretation of their sponsorship is that the Olympics should be a grandstanding of British businesses as much as possible and that we should celebrate that."

Well I guess...

"And if we're going to be pernickety about this, you can say that Cadburys have a Quaker background and they have a very strong history of social concern."

And an even longer history of making thin kids fat. But let's not get all pernickety about things.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Locog could use Coleman as our official mascot. Stick him in a rabbit suit and run him round the race track :)

The Troll said...

Not a good idea. He would just hire a taxi for the duration, and bust the contingency fund.

Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go said...

Quite partial to a bit of Dairy Milk isn't the half of it. Brian 'Mr Toad' Coleman is 'quite partial' to all kinds of foods - especially if they are free. In fact he's so partial to free food that his free feeds account for around a quarter of all those declared by the entire London Assembly.

There's a link to the full(up) story in the blog - and a shocking video of one of Coleman's undeclared free feeds - both at:
Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go !